Wanna know what Ben Affleck’s been reading?

I’ve always had love for the Affleck. Ever since he starred in Kevin smith’s Clerks and then Chasing Amy. Ok, so he had a few wilderness years, but I’ll forgive anyone who can pen ‘Good Will Hunting.’

Tell me who didn’t shed a tear when he made his bumbling Oscar speech, telling wife Jennifer Gardner that marriage is indeed ‘work’ ( I hear you brother!) and being so humble about his triumphant rise to the top with the amazing ‘Argo‘? (If you haven’t see it yet – do. You deserve it).

But I bet you didn’t know that old Ben is a voracious reader. Yep. (How he gets the time with 3 kids and all those films to direct, I’ll never know). But anyway, he devours books. in every interview I’ve read with him, if he mentions a book – I am on it! In my wildest dreams Ben and I are hanging out having our own private book club, chewing the fat over the latest releases, sipping frothy lattes… *daydreams.*

Ok, back to reality. I thought I’d share with y’all the latest books that Ben mentioned reading, as I’ve bought every one, and they are all winners! So first up – Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. You may have read it, but if not, you are in for a treat. I couldn’t put it down. I even cancelled dinner with a friend in order to finish it. Don’t judge me readers! The premise? Shortly after journalist Nick Dunne relocates his wealthy wife from dazzling new York to dowdy Carthage, Missouri, she goes missing under suspicious circumstances. police begin to suspect Nick may be the killer. After all, he funded his new business with her money and increased Amy’s life insurance. But is he capable of killing his wife? I couldn’t put this book down. It is a gripping, tense psychological thriller, that twists and turns so you don’t even trust your own judgement by the end!

Next up, Surviving Survival: The Art and Science of Resilience by Laurence Gonzales. This is a non-fiction book, that looks at the stories of people who have survived a crisis – be it an accident, a shark attack, war or loss, and reclaimed their lives. Granted, you might not think this is cheery reading. but you’d be wrong. Because it is nothing short of life affirming. It arrived one Saturday morning and even though I have two children to parent – I had read this book by Sunday evening. Then I talked about it ad nauseam at work for the next month. The adversities that people face are beyond enormous, and yet they come out the other side. Is it down science? Will? What steps can we take to survive, having survived the unthinkable. I wish I could shake ben’s hand and thank him for leading me to this book.

Ben also read Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell, which is soon to be released as a movie starring none other than Tom Hanks. The story? Cloud Atlas consists of 6 interlinking stories, told from the viewpoint of 6 different individuals at different points in time. This novel has been hailed as a classic and although complicated, is definitely worth a read.

Ben is about to direct his next feature,  based on the novel ‘Live by Night’ by Dennis Lehane. Guess what I’ll be buying at the local book store this weekend? Meanwhile, Ben if you’re reading this, don’t worry if the whole directing thing doesn’t work out… You can always be head of my book club instead!


ben reading 2


Ben, always with book in hand!




Article Posted 3 years Ago

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