Watch Seth Meyers Give the Hilarious Play-by-Play of His Son’s Birth


Let’s face it, Seth Meyers is adorable. So when I learned he was becoming a dad for the first time this spring, I figured things were only going to get turned up a notch. I mean, how could he not be a super cute dad? I imagined something of a Jimmy Fallon 2.0, with Meyers working little mentions of his kid into his monologues and celeb interviews, and gushing over his or her every move.

Well, folks; the time is officially now.

On Sunday, Meyers and his wife Alexi Ashe welcomed their first son into the world. By Tuesday night, the Late Night host was back to work, and, well — no surprise — totally gushing over his new kid. At the show’s open, Meyers basically spilled everything we’d want to know if we could ask, giving the full play-by-play of the birth — which, by the way, almost happened in the back of an Uber in New York City.

The delivery itself was pretty unexpected, Meyers explains in the above clip, since his son came two weeks early (totally spoiling his parent’s Sunday plans to see a play). But perhaps the best part of the story — besides his wife screaming out of the cab window “I DON’T LIKE THIS!” — is the part where Meyers reveals the little guy’s name, which I’m going to go ahead and spoil for you: it’s Ashe Olson Meyers. And no, not like Ashley Olsen of the Olsen twins (sadly). More like, Ashe for his wife’s maiden name, and Olsen for his mother’s maiden name. In other words: that’s just about the sweetest baby name meaning you could think of.

But yes, Full House fans, the joke is not lost on Papa Meyers.

“A couple of people have said to us, ‘Ashe Olson, do you think people will think you named him after Ashley Olsen?’” Meyers shared. “And to them I said, ‘No one will think that because I’ve long been a Mary-Kate guy.'”

So that solves that.

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