We Are Going to the Moon in 2015!

Will These Teams Be Going to the Moon?

I yelped when I saw the headline: “Discovery, Science to Televise Live Moon Landing.”

You guys! YOU GUYS! We are going to the moon! NEXT YEAR! OK, I’m not actually going, but we all get to watch the landing happen live. This is beyond thrilling.

My world is all about the stars. My son daydreams about galaxies far, far away and we debate about the dark side over breakfast cereal. Every once in a while he needs to zoom back into reality and he’ll ask something fantastic like, “They don’t have Death Stars in the real world, do they?” I’ll spare you how those conversations meander, but most of the time they end up in actual space talking about actual planets or stars.

We Are Going to the Moon!Soon we will get to experience Google Lunar XPRIZE. This reality experience will be broadcast on the Discovery and Science Channels and will show privately funded teams competing to land an unmanned craft on the moon by Dec. 31, 2015. Can you imagine the champagne cork popping from space to celebrate that moment?!

Robert K. Weiss, who is the vice chairman and president of XPRIZE said, “More than half the world’s population has never had the opportunity to experience a live broadcast from the moon. Partnering with Discovery Channel and Science Channel will allow us to engage the public around this milestone event, creating an ‘Apollo Moment’ for the next generation.”

Teams have already been competing for the $30 million prize. (This is the largest incentive prize ever awarded.)

Eileen O’Neill, who is group VP at Discovery Channel, Science Channel and Velocity says, “When the winning craft touches down on the moon’s surface, it’s going to trigger buzz and inspiration all over the world. Our intention is to provide a live, front-row seat to history being made…”

I love being able to get excited about this stuff with my kid. I also really love seeing other parents geek out over space stuff. Neil de Grasse Tyson has been hosting Cosmos, an outstanding series on Fox, and every weekend I crack up when someone on Twitter or Facebook reacts with a mind-blown, “NO WAY!” This last weekend Patrick Stewart was a guest on the show as a voice-over cameo.

Networks like Discovery, Fox and National Geographic remind us that space is wonderful, amazing, adventurous, and much more attainable than far, far away are. We are going to the moon, all of us.

Image Credit: Google Lunar Prize

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