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Thanks to ABC Family’s new series The Fosters for sponsoring this post. Click here to see more of the discussion. Also, watch the series premiere of The Fosters on Monday, June 3 at 9/8c only on ABC Family.

I recently watched a sneak peek of The Fosters, an all new ABC Family drama that will air starting tonight at 9/8c. The Fosters is about a multi-ethnic family mix of foster and biological kids.

By the way, their last name is Foster.

By the way part two, the Fosters have two moms.

Teri Polo stars as Stef Foster and Sherri Saum is her wife, Lena Foster. The two woman are well cast as parents and as wives. What does that mean? Well it simply means that their chemistry is plausible and effortless.

The Fosters are probably not the first gay or lesbian family that you have seen on your TV. GLAAD created a graphic to give us a visual history of LGBT families on TV. They begin their timeline at 1972 with a made-for-TV movie called That Certain Summer and they continue all they way to last year’s one season hit wonder The New Normal.

Last year, in an interview on NPR, Professor Edward Schiappa and his colleagues at the University of Minnesota, discussed five studies that they performed about the presence of gay characters on television programs and how it decreases prejudices among viewers.

Professor Schiappa credits Will and Grace as being a show that paved the way for many of the shows or story lines that feature families with same sex couples.

“These attitude changes are not huge,” he says. “They don’t change bigots into saints. But they can snowball.”

I got really caught up in the first episode of The Fosters. I like that ABC Family has put this show on a network geared towards tweens and teens as I think it will inspire many family talking points.  I’ll be tuning in to find out what happens next for these characters.

The Fosters just joined “the family”.

More Gay and Lesbian Families on TV

  • The Fosters 1 of 10
    New Abc Family show features a family with two moms.

    The Fosters have two moms, Stef and Sherri. 


    Image Credit: ABC Family

  • Greys Anatomy 2 of 10
    Grey's Anatomy

    In season 7 of Grey's Anatomy Callie and Arizona got married. They are raising a daughter together. 


    Image Credit: In Style

  • Modern Family 3 of 10
    Modern Family

    Mitch and Cameron on Modern Family are parents to Lily who was adopted at birth. There is a new campaign by the ACLU to encourage the writers of Modern Family to script a wedding for Mitch and Cameron. 


    Image Credit: ABC

  • Glee 4 of 10

    We knew from the first season of Glee that Rachel had two dads but it wasn't until season three that we met the handsom duo. 


    Image Credit: TV Guide

  • Friends 5 of 10

    The lesbian wedding episode of Friends aired in January of 1986. According to Marta Kauffman, "NBC expected thousands and thousands of phone calls and hate mail' but actually received only four complaints by telephone."


    Image Credit: Warner Brothers

  • Secret Life of American Teenagers 6 of 10
    Secret Life of American Teenagers

    The Secret Life of American Teenagers is another ABC Family show. In the fourth season the Mom on the show, played by Molly Ringwald, came out of the closet. After Ellen did an amazing job talking about how the show tackled homophobia with teens.


    Image Credit: Wetpain

  • ER 7 of 10

    In season eight of ER Dr. Kerry Weaver meets firefighter Lt. Sandy Lopez. Lopez outs Kerry to all of her coworkers by giving her a passionate kiss in front of them. In season ten the two women become parents and OMG if you don'y know what happens at the end of season ten I am not telling you. (But you remember, right? The fire? The Custody battle?)


    Image Credit: After Ellen 

  • Six Feet Under 8 of 10
    Six Feet Under

    In season five of HBO's hit Six Feet Under David and Keith go to an adoption agency picnic and meet and then later adopt Durrell and Anthony.


    Image Credit: HBO

  • Desperate Housewives 9 of 10
    Desperate Housewives

    In season four of Desperate Housewives Bob and Lee move to Wisteria Lane. The two men have several story arcs involving egg donors and surrogates for a few seasons. Then in season seven the couple adopt a girl named Jenny.


    Image Credit: ABC

  • Brothers and Sisters 10 of 10
    Brothers and Sisters

    In season three of Brothers and Sisters Kevin and Scotty ask Michelle to be a surrogate. After a perceived miscarriage the two decide that they want to become parents by foster-adopting and they welcome Olivia into their family. Later they learn that Michelle did have a child, Daniel, and they assume custody.


    Image Credit: GLAAD

Thanks to ABC Family’s new series The Fosters for sponsoring this post. Click here to see more of the discussion. Also, watch the premiere of The Fosters on Monday, June 3 at 9/8c only on ABC Family.

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