Passengers Burst into Spontaneous Sing-Along While Waiting for Delayed Flight

Traveling may be exciting and adventurous, but it can also provide some unexpected stress. One such annoyance is hearing the dreaded news that your flight has been delayed. You’ll hear grumbling, some angry huffing, and maybe even an occasional shout at a poor innocent flight attendant. But not everyone takes this news with such negativity, as evident in a now-viral video from Pearson International Airport in Toronto.

When passengers waiting to board their WestJet flight from Toronto to St. John’s learned of a 30-minute delay, they didn’t get too miffed — instead, they considered it an opportunity to party. Moments later, CBC News reports that passenger Sheldon Thornhill broke out his accordion, and fellow musician Sean Sullivan opened his guitar case to join him.

“My buddy with the accordion, Sheldon … I’m a bit shyer than he is,” Sullivan told CBC News. “Anytime we’re gathered around airports like that, he’s often taking out his accordion just out of the blue and start playing for people.”

Let’s just say, his fellow passengers LOVED it. And so did the Internet, apparently. The video has now been shared over 22,000 times, likely from people desperate for something joyful to share this week, given the current news climate.

As the duo played popular crowd-pleasers like “Grey Foggy Day”, “Sweet Forget Me Not”, and “Music and Friends”, more and more of their fellow passengers joined in the fun — kids included. About four minutes into the video, a 10-year old named Liam proudly stood at the center of the crowd and sang “Capelin Time” by The Dunne Family in a solo performance. A rendition met with applause throughout the crowd and a fist bump from Sheldon Thornhill himself.

Liam’s amazing performance then sparked singing, dancing, and clapping from the crowd as they came even more alive. And by the end of the clip, the entire crowd can be seen on their feet, dancing around in celebration.

Now I know what a “Newfoundland kitchen party” looks like — and I want to join next time!

The video was initially shared on Facebook by WestJet passenger and travel agent Michelle Sacrey Philpott, along with the caption, “This is just one of the reasons why we are proud to be a Newfoundlander.” And so far, it seems the post is resonating with locals as well as travelers around the world. Hashtags like #LoveMyTravelExperience #LoveNewfoundlanders, #LoveMusicandFriends, and #WeAreFamily accompany the post, beaming with Newfoundlander pride.

Thank you to these fun airport travelers for reminding us all of a very important lesson: We can choose to grumble when life hands us an unexpected curveball, or we can embrace it as an opportunity to unite with our neighbors and spread some good cheer. The second option certainly makes our world a whole lot more beautiful, don’t you think?

Article Posted 12 months Ago

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