Drew Barrymore: “I’m Never Going to Tell You How to Lose Weight”

Drew Barrymore, The Second Annual Baby 2 Baby Gala at The Book Bindery in Culver City, California.

Not content with being a famous actress since she was 6-years-old, running her own production company, producing countless hit movies as well as directing Whip it, and even running her own winery, Drew Barrymore has joined one of the leading U.S. fashion and lifestyle websites, Refinery29as their Editor-at-Large.

She will apparently advise on the direction of the brand and contribute to the content  — covering everything from food and design to career advice and motherhood.

“The Internet terrifies me because I just don’t feel like I grew up with technology,” Barrymore told the LA Times earlier this week. “However, I love the aspect of a library of information at your fingertips, guides and how-tos, lists and best-ofs. Refinery has all that. So when they asked me, it made a ton of sense. Plus, I love writing, and I don’t usually have an outlet for that.”

So what is Barrymore’s first contribution in her two-year contract with the online mag? Is it where to get the best facial or what expensive heels we should all be saving for? Not at all; Barrymore refreshingly offers advice on the best egg sandwich ever.

What else can we expect from this A-lister? “I don’t like when people seem too put together,” she said. “I would rather write a column about how to nerd out and spend a night at home on the couch. And I’m never going to tell you how to lose weight. I’m not that girl. But I would love to do a top 10 list of books for toddlers.”

Now, I’ve always liked Drew Barrymore — and not just because she was absolutely lovely the one time I interviewed her outside the London Scream premiere in 1997. I like her because she is always pictured hanging out with her girlfriends, she started a company with her best mate, she looks for pro-women films (when producing Charlie’s Angels, it was her responsibility to get Cameron Diaz onboard), and she seems incredibly normal. For a celeb to even admit to eating carbs is unheard of. But there’s Drew offering up an egg sandwich creation that she rustled together herself, without all the pomp and glitz that other celeb websites insist upon using. But what excites me most is that line, where she says she will never tell someone how to lose weight.

I don’t know about you, but I am OVER celebs going on about how the baby weight “just dropped off,” or “I never diet, I eat chocolate every day,” when rumors abound that they’ve had tummy tucks and liposuction and clearly no white foods have ever passed their lips. What is with all the stealth and secrecy? Since we’re all in this sisterhood together, shouldn’t we at least admit to working our butts off at the gym to try and vaguely have a shape or that being “celebrity thin” takes a lot of time, effort, and usually a personal chef ?

If only more celebs used their star power in the way of Barrymore, or Lena Dunham, or even Cameron Diaz — women who promote loving your body no matter what shape it is. In her new book The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your BodyDiaz teaches us to drink water upon waking up, the importance of eating a hearty breakfast, and asks us to consider not waxing off all of our body hair. How brilliant that a celeb isn’t setting some ridiculous ideals where we should all de-fuzz daily, eat some lettuce for breakfast, and starve ourselves into exhaustion.

Isn’t it time that more magazines stopped trying to sell us the “perfect” shape and championed women of all shapes and sizes, so we all felt more happy with ourselves? When artists like Ke$ha, who just last April was complimented in many publications for looking slim, enter rehab for an eating disorder, you’ve got to ask yourself: How many more women in the public eye are suffering in silence? Recently a former editor of Australian Vogue revealed that models ate tissues to keep slim and were so hungry they fainted daily, often being hospitalized for starvation. Throw in some air-brushing and what you have is a big fat lie that we all think is what “normal women look like.”

So Drew, congrats on the new job. I’m thrilled that someone with such a healthy outlook is going to be editing in fashion. Now spread the word to your A-list friends — while I dig into your egg sandwich recipe.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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