Which of These Reality TV Shows ISN’T Real?

I’ve been a fan of reality TV ever since seven strangers were picked to live in a house in New York City in 1992. MTV’s The Real World changed my life because up until that point, I had only daydreamed about some day moving to New York. The idea that someone like me could actually DO IT seemed impossible until I watched people who were close to my age navigate the city that never sleeps. Two years later I was a college freshman fearlessly living in New York.

Twenty-two years later, reality TV continues to be a guilty pleasure for many of us. While MTV’s The Real World is currently casting for its 30th season, the show has evolved into something I no longer recognize as the voyeuristic documentary from the ’90s. Most reality TV has morphed into must-see bizarre or train-wreck TV.

Earlier this month the Oxygen network announced seven new shows. When I read their descriptions, I thought I was being punk’d. I know we all have incredibly varied and unusual viewing tastes, but seriously. SERIOUSLY. Is there an audience for these ridiculous reality TV shows? There must be! I’d love to hear about the shows that were passed on.

So now that you know the bar is set pretty high for ZOMG, let’s see if you can spot the reality show that isn’t real.

Is this REALLY a Reality TV Show?  National Knitting Evening: Over the course of 12 hours, viewers will experience every step of the sweater-making process, from the shearing of the lamb to the knitting of the garment.

1. National Knitting Evening

Can you imagine setting your DVR for this one? Or live-tweeting it?!

Is this REALLY a Reality TV Show? Sex Box: Couples are invited to have sex on television in front of a live studio audience and then discuss their feelings about romance with a sex expert.

2. Sex Box

“Hey Mom! I’m going to be on TV! AND YOU CAN NEVER EVER WATCH IT.”

Is this REALLY a Reality TV Show? Sunset Daze: Inside the world of a retirement community where the residents have one thing on their mind: hooking up!

3. Sunset Daze

“Hey Son! I’m going to be on TV! AND YOU CAN NEVER EVER WATCH IT.”

Is this REALLY a Reality TV Show? Father of the Bride: Elimination style program where the fathers of the brides are the competitors. In weeks leading up to the big day the men compete for cash and prizes to gift their daughters for their wedding.

4. Father of the Bride

Bringing the dowry back USA-style.

Is this REALLY a Reality TV Show? Whisker Wars: cutthroat competition set in the world of competitive facial hair growing.

5. Whisker Wars

Growing hair is now a skill set.

Is this REALLY a Reality TV Show? Bridal Plasty: 12 women compete to win a dream wedding and plastic surgery procedures.

6. Bridal Plasty

So, this is like The Swan meets that thing The Today Show does for dream weddings? Do you go under the knife and THEN go through the obstacle course for the wedding?

Is this REALLY a Reality TV Show? Who's Your Daddy: An adult who was put up for adoption as an infant is placed in a room with 25 men, one of whom is their biological father. If the contestant can correctly pick out who is their father they win $100,000.

7. Who’s Your Daddy

What exactly does the casting call for this show look like for the 24 men who are NOT the biological father?

8. Nail’d It!

Please tell me this won’t involve the pedicure fish.

Is this REALLY a Reality TV Show? Street Art Throwdown: In this adrenaline-charged new competition series, 10 up-and-coming street artists will create unbelievable art in never-before-seen ways, out-painting and out-racing each other in the hope to win bragging rights and a cash prize.

9. Street Art Throwdown

WOOOO!!!! I just won bragging rights!!!

Is this REALLY a Reality TV Show? Fix My Choir: Each week, a celebrity duo will surprise a community, school or gospel choir and help them find perfect harmony both within their music - and their members.

10. Fix My Choir

I’m guessing going on TV to tell everyone how messed up the people in your choir are is not going to be very helpful.

Do you think you can spot an impostor reality TV show or two? Or are all of them legit? Go with your gut here and not with your search engine.

Did you guess? Are you sure? Want to know if you are right? This reality TV show is not real.

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