Why Does Meg Ryan Always Wear Baggy Pants?

Meg Ryan is thin. She has good legs. And yet, she always wears baggy pants. Why does Meg Ryan always wear baggy pants?

She would look so good in a skinny jean. I don’t have half the body Meg has (in fact, I have twice the body Meg has), and I can pull off at least a straight-leg jean. Give me a long cardigan and I’ll even brave a skinny.

Not Meg. Not ever. I know, because I’ve scoured photo archives of Meg in pants for any evidence of material actually touching her thighs. What is she hiding? Is her leg skin extra sensitive? Is this a case of body dysmorphia?

Here—See for yourself.

  • Meg Ryan in Baggy Pants 1 of 20
  • Baggy with Shades 2 of 20

    I get it: Johnny Cash. Meg's not the first celebrity to go incognito in sunglasses and black clothing. But why is everything 2 sizes too big?

  • Baggy Cargos 3 of 20

    There's no need for cargo pants to be skin tight, but this? What's she planning to take on board?

  • Baggy with Young Jack 4 of 20

    Meg's son Jack is taller than his mom and wearing skinny jeans of his own now, but even when he was just a boy in short pants Meg saw no need for tailoring. 

  • Baggy in White 5 of 20

    It doesn't matter what color or texture, Meg's pants have one thing in common: bagginess.

  • Baggy in Khaki 6 of 20

    There are lots of words that describe these pants: carefree, multi-pocketed, covered with tattoo-like embroidery. But if you had to choose just one word to describe these pants, you would choose the word baggy.

  • Great Legs 7 of 20

    Obviously Meg has trim legs, to say NOTHING of their veiny-ness. This dress proves to me that Meg could wear close-fitting pants and look amazing. I'm not sure if the same could be said for Meg's boyfriend, John  Mellencamp. 

  • Cute Couple 8 of 20

    Listen, if you have a type and Dennis Quaid is an example of that type, then John Mellencamp is definitely also that type.I'm happy for these two lovebirds. I'm also happy that Meg and John can buy their bulky pants in bulk in the same cut and size. Think of the convenience!

  • No Cankles 9 of 20

    The billowing piles of fabric at the hem of all of Meg's pants would suggest that she is hiding massive cankles. But—look! No cankles. The length and width of her pants is inexplicable. 

  • Baggy Waist 10 of 20

    Meg always needs a really strong belt. Is is alluring and tom-boy cute? I'm not so sure. 

  • Baggy Army Pants 11 of 20

    Pretty sure Alan Alda wore a smaller version of these exact pants in every episode of M*A*S*H. Meg to her stylist: "Just like Hawkeye's, but BIGGER."

  • Baggy Pants, Long Rise 12 of 20

    I mean . . . ?

  • Baggy with Daisy 13 of 20

    Cute jeans, Daisy.

  • Less Baggy 14 of 20

    You might think these pants are OK, just boot cut . . . 

  • Cinched but Still Baggy 15 of 20

    But from the back you can see that these pants are cinched within an inch of their life! Meg! Use 2 mirrors so you can see the back more clearly!

  • Baggy and Cozy 16 of 20

    Hey, I love a comfy, cozy, baggy outfit to slouch around town in. However, I feel this goes to far.

  • Beach Baggy 17 of 20

    Even at the beach Meg manages to be baggy. 

  • Baggy Shorts 18 of 20

    Even in shorts Meg manages to be baggy.

  • Baggy Skirt 19 of 20

    And while I actually like this outfit, there's no other way to say it: That is a baggy skirt. 

  • Always Baggy 20 of 20

    Meg has obviously found a look that she likes and feels comfortable in. Yay, Meg. I just feel bad that she thinks she's a 40 X 40. Meg, honey, GO DOWN A SIZE. 

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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