Why Everyone Is Freaking Out About #TheDress

Attention moms, it’s time to take a break from arguing over public breastfeeding and vaccines in order to focus on what’s really important:


Buzzfeed broke the Internet today when they shared a Tumblr post from user swiked with a picture of a dress. Some people see a garment that is clearly blue and black, others (apparently) see white and gold.

Let me be clear: there is no middle ground on this debate.

“I feel like I don’t trust anybody who sees white and gold.” – overheard at the Babble office.

Friends are turning against each other, houses are divided, marriages splitting at the seams. (Ok, that might be a tad overdramatic, but seriously, people are freaking out.)

Twitter seems to be the prime battleground for the rising controversy, and the results are priceless. Here are some of our favorite #TheDress tweets:


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