Why Jennifer Lawrence “Felt Worthless” and Dropped out of High School

While high school was the best years of their lives for some, others simply couldn’t wait to leave. And it’s always a surprise to find out that certain successful celebs ditched high school early — whether to pursue acting or singing, or simply because it wasn’t for them.

Turns out that none other than Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence was one such star.

The 23-year-old revealed her childhood struggles in the latest issue of Madame Figaro magazine. “My nickname was ‘Nitro’ as in nitroglycerin. I was hyperactive, curious about everything,” said Jennifer. “When my mother told me about my childhood, she always told me there was like a light in me, a spark that inspired me constantly. When I entered school, the light went out. We never knew what it was, a kind of social anxiety. But I had friends.”

Jennifer took medication and went to therapy to help with her social anxiety and hyperactivity, but to no avail. “I went to see a shrink,” she explained. “Nothing worked.”

That is, until she discovered acting. “One day, I begged my parents to take me to a casting,” the actress continues. “We went to New York, and that’s where I started acting. Just on stage, my mother saw the change that was taking place in me. She saw my anxieties disappear. She found her daughter, the one who had this light and joy before school.”

After appearing in church plays, the Hunger Games star graduated high school two years early so that she could begin her acting career at 15. Golden Globe-winning Lawrence, in turn, found her passion. “I finally found a way [to] open the door to a universe that I understood, that was good for me and made me happy, because I felt capable, whereas before I felt worthless,” she said.

So what 9 other celebs ditched the school books early — and why? 

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