Why You Should Be Watching Broadchurch

tennantRemember how every time someone tells you to watch a BBC show (like Downton Abbey or Sherlock), they are always 100% right?

Listen to me now and believe me later: Broadchurch is pretty great.

Olivia Colman and David Tennant star as detectives in the 8-part British drama. They investigate the murder of a boy in the small town of Broadchurch. It is achingly sad, gorgeously filmed, and beautifully acted. It’s not as dark as The Killing, but Broadchurch has a similar vibe, its detectives unwinding one complicated case throughout the season.

Doctor Who fans will squee over Rory (Arthur Darvill) and the 10th Doctor coming together for this show, but then they’ll realize that squeeing is a little inappropriate during grown-up television such as this. As a devout Whovian, I’ve had to repress a few myself. Whether you’re a fan of the Doctor or not, it is a bonafide treat to hear Tennant unleash his genuine Scottish brogue as Detective Inspector Alec Hardy. I am telling you, he could read the phone book and you would be enthralled.

But the writing on Broadchurch is far superior to a phone book. And anyway, what’s a phone book again? After a successful run in the U.K., Broadchurch is getting lots of love from critics in the U.S. as well. The whole series has been released to DVD, or you can watch it on BBC America.

Photo Source: BBC America

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