Woody Allen: Is Ronan Farrow “My Son or Frank Sinatra’s”?

ronan and frankOn Friday Woody Allen wrote a very detailed response to Dylan Farrow’s open letter in the New York Times that accused him of molesting her when she was just 7-years-old. People have been quick to take sides on what has been a polarizing topic with people joining Team Woody or Team Dylan. And while there is much to be analyzed and construed from both Woody and Dylan’s powerful claims, there was one paragraph in Woody Allen’s piece that didn’t have to do with allegations of abuse but rather one of paternity.

Back in October the big question arose that Ronan Farrow may not be the child of Woody Allen but rather the offspring of Mia Farrow’s ex Frank Sinatra. This came up in a Vanity Fair article where Mia Farrow said that Ronan could “possibly” be Frank’s son. Ronan, an avid Twitter user, tweeted: “Listen, we’re all *possibly* Frank Sinatra’s son.” Yeah, not so much. But Ronan REALLY does look like “old blue eyes.” Something that even Woody Allen can not deny. He brings this up in his piece for the New York Times saying:

“I pause here for a quick word on the Ronan situation. Is he my son or, as Mia suggests, Frank Sinatra’s? Granted, he looks a lot like Frank with the blue eyes and facial features, but if so what does this say? That all during the custody hearing Mia lied under oath and falsely represented Ronan as our son? Even if he is not Frank’s, the possibility she raises that he could be, indicates she was secretly intimate with him during our years. Not to mention all the money I paid for child support. Was I supporting Frank’s son? Again, I want to call attention to the integrity and honesty of a person who conducts her life like that.”

This is not just to imply that he may not be Ronan’s father but that Mia Farrow cheated on Woody Allen, bore a son with an ex, and tried to pass it off as Woody’s. As Woody Allen says, if this is true, then one must question the “integrity and honesty of a person who conducts her life like that.”

Will we ever know the truth? From who is Ronan’s father to whether Woody ever abused Dylan to whether this was all an elaborate mind game created by a scorned woman. I doubt it.

Photo Source: Ronan Farrow’s Twitter (profile photo)/ Frank Sinatra LP available at here

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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