Worried about having an only child? Don’t be! 10 Stars who were only children…

Let me confess: I am an only child.

My parents didn’t stay together long enough to have any more than me, and I spent my whole life explaining why I was an only kid. That yes, I was ok with it. And yes, it would have been nice to have a sibling, but hey, that’s the way the cookie crumbled. The minute folk would hear I was an only child, their opinion of me would change. ‘Oh, that explains it…’ they would mumble. Explain what exactly? What the heck is so wrong in being an only kid? I wasn’t spoiled, yet I will admit that maybe (occasionally) I was a bit lonely. But it gave me courage to go out and make buddies, to climb that tree alone, to challenge myself because I had no brothers or sisters to fall back on for support.

A recent report here in the UK, concluded that within the decade children with no brothers or sisters will form the majority of families. Yet I know friends with only one child who fret about what this will mean for this solitary kid. Guilt pours from them, that they never provided a sibling. No matter how many reports prove that only kids grow up to have just as many friends and to be no more spoiled or lonely as those with siblings, parents can’t seem to shake their worries.

So for all those parents of only kids, or only children — I thought I’d share 10 celebs who between them changed music forever, won a handful of Oscars, a shedload of Grammys and have enjoyed success worldwide. In fact two are cultural icons who defined their eras.

How’s that for being an only child eh? (*blows a raspberry to all those who judged us!*)

  • The King of Rock n Roll – Elvis 1 of 10

     It is hard to put into words what this world would be like if Elvis Aaron Presley had never been in it. Where would music be without this man and his guitar? He was the ultimate King of Rock n Roll and arguably the most important musician in 20th century pop culture.  His music has endured and will continue to do so. If you don't break out into some serious moves listening to his music, you don't have a pulse.


    Picture credit - Wikicommons

  • Natalie Portman 2 of 10

     Child Star of the hit film 'Leon', Oscar winner for 'Black Swan' and happily married mother of one, Natalie Portman.


    Picture Credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Old Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra 3 of 10

     Sinatra was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Ronald Reagan in 1985 and the Congressional Gold Medal in 1997. He also amassed a total of eleven Grammy Awards including the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. He is one of the world's best selling artists OF ALL TIME  having sold more than 150 million copies worldwide. Not bad eh for an only kid?


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  • Alicia Keys 4 of 10

    That girl is on fire! Keys, Mom of one, has old over 35 million albums. Billboard  magazine placed her number ten on their list of Top 50 R&B/Hip-Hop Artists of the Past 25 Years... This woman has got it goin' on!


    Picture Credit: Pacific Coast News

  • LeAnn Rimes 5 of 10

    Rising to stardom at the tender age of 13, Rimes has gone on to sell over 37 million records, winning many awards, including two Grammys, three ACMs, a CMA, 12 Billboard Music Awards, and one American Music award. You might know her best for her twitter wars with her husband's ex wife, but Rimes proves that behind the gossip lies one talented lady.


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  • James Dean 6 of 10

    James Dean is quite simply a cultural icon. He was the first actor to receive a posthumous Oscar nomination for best actor and remains the only actor to have had two posthumous acting nominations. If you have never seen 'Rebel Without a Cause' there is a gift of a movie waiting for you. You can thank me later.


    Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Tiger Woods 7 of 10

    Leaving the gossip pages to one side about Tiger's indiscretions, let's not forget he has been the world number one for the most consecutive weeks and for the greatest total number of weeks of any other golfer, EVER.  Winner of 14 professional major golf championships, and 78 PGA Tour events - his career is that of legends. Woods is only the second golfer, to have achieved a career Grand Slam three times.  Man, he is good with those tiny balls...

    Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Charlize Theron 8 of 10

     Oscar winner, Golden Globe winner, single mother of one, this South African former model is one determined lady. If there is a more beautiful woman on screen today, I have yet to see her...


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  • Robert De Niro 9 of 10

    I could just say 'star of The Godfather,' and leave it there. That, frankly is enough. But De Niro's career which spans 5 decades, has given us legendary films such as Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Mean Streets, Cape Fear and Raging Bull. Winner of 2 Oscars, he most recently enthralled us in 'Silver Linings Playbook.' He is one of the most gifted actors ever to grace our screens.


    Photo Credit: Wikicommons

  • Maria Sharapova 10 of 10

    Currently ranked as World no.3, having won Wimbeldon, The US Open and The Australian Open and The French Open.  After coming runner up in the 2013 French Open, will she be on form to hold the Wimbeldon title again this year, when the tournament opens in a week?


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