You Get a Chai! Oprah Chai Is Coming to Starbucks

Oprah ChaiI met Oprah a few weeks ago during the taping of a life class for single moms. When she called my name in her Oprah Voice (you know what I mean) and invited me to tell my single mom story and ask a question about dating, hilarity ensued. Seriously, I am still laughing over what happened. When Oprah is passionate about something, we all know it. From creating Life Classes on OWN to producing critically acclaimed films, Oprah goes all in. Now the famous powerhouse is going big with Starbucks and bringing us Oprah Chai.

The partnership between Starbucks and Oprah was announced earlier today at the coffee chain’s annual meeting in Seattle. Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks, brought Oprah out to the stage and told the crowd, “Starbucks is about nurturing the human spirit. That is my goal in life and what my brand has become.” She continued to explain working with other companies and brands never felt organic, but the Starbucks Teavana does. Schultz has very, very high hopes for this partnership. He revealed, “With the introduction of Teavana Oprah Chai, we are going to elevate the tea experience in the same way we did for coffee.”

Forbes is reporting that proceeds from Oprah Chai will go towards “philanthropic ventures focused on education, including the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls.”

Tea and education? I can get behind that.

This isn’t the first time a purchase at Starbucks could connect you to a philanthropic cause. If you purchased a holiday coffee in 2008 you may have helped Bono and his (RED) charity.

I frequent a Starbucks several times a week. My son’s preschool is a 20-minute drive away from our home and on several days it makes more economical sense for me to work from a coffee shop than to drive back home. I always factor in the cost of a coffee with this sort of commuter’s math. Knowing that a purchase could then continue to have a ripple effect and make a difference in the world is a nice feeling. ABC News points out that Starbucks hasn’t indicated exactly how much of the proceeds will go towards charity, but some is certainly better than none.

Would you be more inclined to buy an Oprah Chai over a basic tea if you knew it was connected to a cause?

Image Credit: PCN and Starbucks

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