Woman Steps in After Blind Stranger Struggles to Hail a Cab — and the Photos Are Heartwarming

Earlier this week, baseball fan Ryan Hamilton shared a moment of kindness he witnessed at Wrigley Field. Yusef Dale, who is visually impaired, had just attended the Chicago Cubs game and was struggling trying to hail a cab. The streets and sidewalks were packed with fans leaving the game, creating a very loud environment. Lucky for Dale, stranger Casey Spellman stepped in to assist.

The lovely woman, who was visiting from Indianapolis, helped flag a car down for Dale and waited with him until one pulled up.

Unknown to Dale and Spellman, Hamilton was in a rooftop restaurant above witnessing the whole scene. He was touched and captured photos of the duo below, posting them on his Facebook page with an account of what he saw. “Awesome to see such kindness,” he wrote. “Share freely in hopes that her kindness spreads.”

The post has since gone viral, with 18K likes and over 6K shares, proving that kindness does spread.

Dale tells Chicago’s WGN9 News that his good friend called to tell him he saw him on the news. Dale said that he was like, “You never accept help. How did it come to be that that day you accepted the help?”

Dale, who is an assistant U.S. attorney, doesn’t usually ask for assistance. He explained to WGN, “It was generally a chaotic scene,” in reference to the noisy crowds exiting the game. He was thankful for Spellman’s help, noting:

“She did not presume that I was incompetent or unable. She didn’t get into my personal space. Most important, she didn’t grab me or touch me without me even knowing who she was, which is a common refrain you hear from people with disabilities.”

It was a rare occasion for Dale to need help, but he was glad someone like Spellman was there for him in that moment. “The power of social media is amazing,” he said, “You fully appreciate it when you are directly impacted by it.”

h/t: WGN9 News

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