10 Attractive Accessories to Make Your Computer Desk More Organized

I don’t know about your house but in mine the computer desk seems to be the place to dump stuff and turn the other way. I clean it off and within an hour it’s clutter central again. It doesn’t make for a stress free workspace and I want to change that. Here are 10 functional accessories that would beautify the space too.

  • Leather Mousepad 1 of 10
    Leather Mousepad
    It's time to toss the ugly, promotional mouse pad and upgrade to a metallic leather one. Your mouse will thank you.
    Click here to purchase from Freshly Picked for $35.00
  • Multiples Pencil Holder 2 of 10
    Multiples Pencil Holder

    Click here to purchase from Anthropologie for $48.00
  • Magnetic Magazine Pocket 3 of 10
    Magnetic Magazine Pocket
    This magnetic magazine pocket could also be a good place to store loose papers. And you can always add decorative magnets and photos on the front.
    Click here to purchase from Land of Nod for $24.95
  • Perpetual Desk Calendar 4 of 10
    Perpetual Desk Calendar
    I love that you don't have to switch out this calendar every year. It would become a permanent fixture on the desktop.
    Click here to purchase from Urban Outfitters for $28.00
  • Cork Letter 5 of 10
    Cork Letter
    These letters can be personalized and offer a great place to pin little reminders and inspiration.
    Click here to purchase from Urban Outfitters for $12.00
  • Colorful Push Pins 6 of 10
    Colorful Push Pins
    You can't have a cute cork board without having cute push pins to match. I like the mint green ones best.
    Click here to purchase from Omoi for $4.00
  • Aqua Stapler 7 of 10
    Aqua Stapler
    This stapler comes in 14 different colors so the hardest decision would be which one to go with.
    Click here to purchase from Poppin for $14.00
  • Lacquer Tray 8 of 10
    Lacquer Tray
    Let's be honest, papers and mail pile up. Contain the piles and make them prettier by placing them in one of these lacquer trays.
    Click here to purchase from West Elm for $24.00
  • Camera Tape Dispenser 9 of 10
    Camera Tape Dispenser
    Tape is another supply that's used on a very regular basis so might as well have a cute dispenser for it.
    Click here to purchase from Anthropologie for $24.00
  • Get It Done Notepad 10 of 10
    Get It Done Notepad
    You'll be happier to tackle your to do list when it's written down on this happy pad.
    Click here to purchase from Rifle Paper Co for $8.00

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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