14 Perfect Stocking Stuffer Accessories

Don’t let stocking stuffers stress you out–or break your budget! Instead of just jamming any old thing into their stockings, I try to think about what my kids could actually use.

Practical stocking stuffers? Yes! As long as they’re fun. Okay, maybe a few frivolous things here and there, but there are tons of fun, cute, affordable accessories available that are totally practical, too.

Here are 14 kids’ accessories that make perfect gifts and stocking stuffers, all available at Target. For the most part, that I didn’t identify the accessories as “for girls” or “for boys.” I’m positive that at least one of my daughters would wear the dragon gloves and balaclava/ninja hat, and frankly if my son wants to rock a cat hat, he can just go on with his bad self.

Also, some of the items shown are in grown-up sizes, in case your tween or teen’s noggin is a wee bit too big for the kids’ hats, for example.

  • Angry Birds Gear 1 of 14
    Angry Birds Gear
    Your little angry bird (or even your bad piggie) will stay warm in this hat and layered gloves.

    (Hat, $9.99 and gloves, $5.99.)
  • Fun Socks to Mix and Match 2 of 14
    Fun Socks to Mix and Match
    Always welcome: fun socks to mix and match. Because OMG MOM NO ONE WEARS SOCKS THAT MATCH ANYMORE.

    (Top, left to right: hedgehog and fox socks, $1.50. Cat socks, $3.99 for pack of three. Bottom, left to right: Two-packs of crew socks in blue stars/yellow hearts, purple hearts/yellow dots, or red dots/orange hearts, $3.99 for pack of two.)
  • Darth Maul Hat 3 of 14
    Darth Maul Hat
    Want a hat he'll actually wear? Make it a tiny bit menacing.

    (Available at Target, $9.99.)
  • Big Bold Hair Clips 4 of 14
    Big Bold Hair Clips
    If my eight-year-old daughter and her friends are any indication, the biggest fashion statement of the moment is sticking a GIANT flower to the side of your head. Seriously. Ideally, it should be nearly the size of her head. Do I think it's a little insane? Yes. But there are worse things in life than seeing massive flowers on girls' heads.

    (Dazzling Dahlia hair clip available at Target, $3.99.)
  • Mega Pom-Pom Hat 5 of 14
    Mega Pom-Pom Hat
    Speaking of attaching giant things to your head, how awesome is this mega pom-pom hat? Bonus: Nothing keeps you warm like a pom-pom the size of your own head.

    (Available at Target, $9.99.)
  • Fleece Balaclava and/or Ninja Hat 6 of 14
    Fleece Balaclava and/or Ninja Hat
    Congratulations, your kid is now a ninja. A toasty, warm, comfy ninja.

    (Available at Target, $5.99.)
  • Sweet Striped Watch 7 of 14
    Sweet Striped Watch
    This multicolor Xhilaration Rubber Strap Watch is stylish without being so over-styled that she can't even tell time on the thing.

    (Available at Target, $9.99.)
  • Dragon Gloves 8 of 14
    Dragon Gloves
    Are you kidding me? A hat and FIVE pairs of gloves for seven bucks, and worth it for the dragon gloves alone. Put the hat and the gloves in the stocking, and stash the spares away for cold hand emergencies.

    (Available at Target, $7.00 for hat and 5 pairs of gloves.)
  • Mohawk Hats 9 of 14
    Mohawk Hats
    Tough and hilarious at the same time.

    (Clockwise from top left: Spiderman hat, $9.99. Batman hat, $9.99. Black and red skulls or blue camo mohawk hats, $5.99.)
  • Owl Necklace 10 of 14
    Owl Necklace
    I don't know if it's because of environmental awareness of the influence of Harry Potter, but owls are the thing.

    (Owl necklace available at Target, $19.99.)
  • Phineas and Ferb ‘Perry’ Slippers 11 of 14
    Phineas and Ferb 'Perry' Slippers
    Oh, there you are, Perry. YOU'RE ON MAH FEETZ.

    (Available at Target, online only, $14.99.)
  • Hats With Ears 12 of 14
    Hats With Ears
    Everyday is Halloween when you're the cat in the hat!

    (Women's MUK LUKS grey cat hat, $14.99, and Xhilaration Faux Fur Spirit Hood, $18.99.)
  • Lego Luke Skywalker Watch 13 of 14
    Lego Luke Skywalker Watch
    Good news! This Lego Star Wars watch is also available in Darth Maul, Yoda, Darth Vader, R2D2, and more. Also--OMG--adult sizes available too! See them all here.

    (Luke Skywalker Lego watch available at Target, $19.99.)
  • Wristlets, in Colors That Pop 14 of 14
    Wristlets, in Colors That Pop
    Just the thing to hold a cell phone, a student ID, and a lip gloss.

    (Clockwise from top left: Orange patent wristlet, $16.99. Pink metallic media holder, $3.50. Blue zip front wristlet,$7.78. Magenta wallet, $7.78.)

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