Gadgets to Get Dad this Holiday Season

Okay, so dads get a bit of good-natured ribbing for sometimes falling a little behind the times, and maybe it’s deserved at times. But a lot of the popular tech trends that are predominate today got their start in the nascent glow of the decades that dad was hip and cutting edge, and what better way to celebrate the Christmas with dad than to evoke some misty-eyed reminiscing from dear old dad by revisiting some of those good old tech starters. And hey, it just might give dad a feeling of being hip and in the know again; just be ready for a Christmas morning full of “I remember whens…”


  • Hammacher 1 of 6
    First up is a cool Cassette to Iphone/Ipod converter that takes those old mixed tapes of Dad's and converts them into MP3 that he can play on his modern smart phone. The device accepts an iphone of ipod and a cassette tape and, utilizing it's downloadable app, it converts all those hair band tracks to digital files. As a added bonus for Dad, it's roughly the size and shape of a Walkman, so Dad'll feel totally comfortable with it.
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  • Retro Mouse and Pad 2 of 6
    Retro Mouse and Pad
    Once, long ago, the idea of a computer mouse was a nifty, neat-o idea. The concept of moving a cursor around on your computer screen was an incredible thing, and the revolutionary tech toy "the mouse" was a thing to behold. Well, bring back those glory days for Dad by gifting him with his own retro mouse and pad.
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  • Mini Arcade 3 of 6
    Mini Arcade
    Every Dad has spent time at his desk where he's been "catching up on paper work" and has had a little time to spare. Here's a perfect companion for those few idle moments that Dad can enjoy once in a while when he craves those old arcade days of his yesteryears; a mini arcade for his iphone that features a full joystick and 4 buttons. Tons of games available to play on you iphone.
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  • Star Wars 4 of 6
    Star Wars
    One thing that always seems to be in short supply on Dad's desk is USB inputs, and what could be cooler that using this R2D2 USB hub to add more usb ports on Dad's computer. This 6 inch droid beeps, chatters, and whirls just the real one (R2D2 is really real, isn't he?) whenever you plug into him. On a desk far, far, far away…..
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  • NES Controller 5 of 6
    NES Controller
    Oh, and for those times when Dad want's to get all retro with his computer games, here's a cool retro NES controller that plugs into a USB.
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  • Drinking Bird 6 of 6
    Drinking Bird
    And ok, maybe this last one isn't really tech per se, but, if there's anything that will ever stir up Dad's "I remember before the Internet…" talk, then this is it. The ultimate low tech toy of the past, that any dad will gush over on Christmas morning - it'll be the one that he'll cherish well after his current smart phone has been replaced with a shinier, cooler model - the drinking bird. Dad'll love it.
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