Goodbye Christmas :-(


Say Goodbye to Christmas
Say Goodbye to Christmas


It is no secret around here that Christmas is my favorite time of year. I go a little crazy decorating the inside and the outside of our home. The outside lights can be seen for miles. When you fly over on approach to the Nashville airport, you can actually see the house lit up in the middle of the countryside. When driving down our road, the Santa and Raindeer we have on our back barn can be seen from 1 mile down the street. (I tracked it ;-). The lights go on the day after Thanksgiving, and they come down sometime in January. Well, it was January 16th this year that I decided to take down the decorations. I was leaving to go out of the country and had a photo shoot for a magazine the day after my return, so that was the day I had to take decorations down and say goodbye to Christmas.

My son woke up and was snuggled on the couch that morning. I told him that while he was at school I would be taking down the Christmas decorations. Now, he was about to have a Birthday within a few days. He had been looking so forward to it seeing as he was going to be 5. Five years old. That’s all he’d been talking about. With that being said, I never would have imagined that he’d have the reaction he did to taking down the Christmas decorations.


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