Tech Gifts for Teens and Tweens

My girls are at a tricky age. Short of the youngest, there are no toys on the wish lists. The teen is at an age where she basically has everything. She has a smart phone, a school-issued tablet, and a laptop. What’s left?

The tween is especially difficult she’s still too young for all those expensive gadgets, but it’s really all she wants. I’m left trying to figure out what’s worth the money. Which gadgets will have lasting value and be easy for her to take care of?

Here are my favorite tech gifts for teens and tweens:

  • iPod 1 of 8
    An Ipod Touch has been on the list for years, but each of my girls was thrilled to receive a standard iPod much less expensive and with far less chance of being broken by a careless tween
  • Xbox 360 + Kinect 2 of 8
    Xbox 360 + Kinect
    Xbox Kinect Keep kids moving with this fun gaming gadget. There are a variety of Kinect-enabled games for kids of all ages. Check out Just Dance Disney, Fruit Ninja, and even serious video games like Skyrim with added features for the Kinect.
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  • iPhone 3 of 8
    Take a look at deep discounts on older generation iPhones. The teen got an iPhone 3G last year and couldn't be happier. They don't necessarily need the latest and greatest to make the most of their tech gifts.
  • Tablet 4 of 8
    The teen just got a tablet from school. It's about half the cost of an iPad, but the girls are all over it. There are a number of Andoid and Windows tablets on the market with great reviews for a lot less money.
  • Wireless Headphones 5 of 8
    Wireless Headphones
    With wireless headphones, the girls can dance around their rooms, do their chores, and still be connected to the music they love.
  • Notebook Computer 6 of 8
    Notebook Computer
    Smaller than a laptop and far less powerful, a so-called netbook could still offer teens and tweens what they need which is really just an internet machine. The teen does her homework through Google Drive, watches videos and searches the web, and uses her notebook to stay connected to friends through email and Facebook.
  • Video or Digital Camera 7 of 8
    Video or Digital Camera
    My girls all love making their own videos and taking pictures. Steer clear of products geared specifically to kids. They may be cheaper, but it's often a get-what-you-pay-for situation. Instead, look for deals on products with good reviews that will be sturdy enough for your teens and tweens.
  • Refurbished Gadgets 8 of 8
    Refurbished Gadgets
    Keep in mind that tech gifts don't have to be brand new to be appreciated. Around here, Santa leaves a big Christmas gift open, setup, and ready to play. The kids would have no idea it didn't come brand new. Refurbished products typically come with a warranty, just like new.

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