Sparkle! Glitz! Trees! Vintage Splendour! Oh My! A Tour of Holiday Homes

Well, my friends. Here we are. The countdown is on. Bring it. There may or may not be Bailey’s in my coffee at the moment. A mom’s got to do what a mom’s got to do.

While some of us may very well be running around like mad to get some last minute present or finish off baking (ahem: start), or complete our handmade gift projects – our trimming most surely, is done.

So join me! Pour yourself a coffee. Pour in a wee nip of Bailey’s. Do it. And come on in for a grand Tour of Holiday Homes, Babble-styles, from some of the very best in the land. You will note, that as our very own Arianne Segerman has discovered it is the, ‘Year of the Happy Silvery Tree’.

  • Carolers Singing on High 1 of 25
    Trio of little glittery ladies! Atop a turquoise locker next to an industrial looking vintage fan? LOVE.
    Photo Credit: Bleubird Vintage.
  • Collection: Vintage Glitter Christmas Trees… 2 of 25
    Such as this? Proof of a master thrifter.
    Photo Credit: Bleubird Vintage.
  • DIY Yarn Font Tinsel Wreath 3 of 25
    Mrs. James (bleubird), is a loyal DIY'er. This post entails where she got the inspiration to create the yarn font addition.
  • Vintage Reindeer 4 of 25
    Adorable little felted creatures!
    Photo Credit: Bleubird Vintage.
  • Paper Advent Calendar 5 of 25
    Sewn and hand stamped, hung by clothespins. C'est magnifique.
    Photo Credit: Bleubird Vintage.
  • Tinsel Tree #1 6 of 25
    The year of the tinsel. It's (tinsel), back people! Large and in charge, so get used to it. And how could you not? They are awesomesauce. End of story.
    Photo Credit: Bleubird Vintage.
  • Quilted Advent Calendar 7 of 25
    Made by Dory Smith Graham of Worthy Goods on Esty. Made back in the day of her first year of marriage, she has professed that, 'Such exhaustive detail could only be permitted in a household without tiny people.'
  • Stump Garland 8 of 25
    What's that you say! Indeed! Dory saves the stump each year of her families Christmas trees. Then she puts on the year and a bit of something special that happened in their family. Oh, the mind of a crafty genius.
    Photo Credit: Worthy Goods Textile.
  • Felted Stockings 9 of 25
    Dory knows all things warm and fuzzy. As a native Main resident...if you are looking for cozy, she's got it. Which means it's no surprise that her handmade felted stockings immediately make you feel toasty and homey. With needle felted names, she claims that they are, 'stretchy and big and hold mass amounts of presents. Because, as you know, the stockings are the best part.'
    Photo Credit: Worthy Goods
  • Holiday Traditions 10 of 25
    Every year Katie and her family make an ornament together. This one is a paper mache hot air ballon! I Swoon.
    Photo Credit: Katie of Skunkboy Creatures.
  • Ice Skates Ornaments (DIY) 11 of 25
    Holy mackanoly I love these suckers. Katie was inspired by some vintage ornaments she found in her many thrifting excursions and made her own lovely rendition along with her beautiful little girl.
    View the complete DIY here.
  • Tinsel Tree #2 12 of 25
    Coloured lights on a tinsel tree. Doesn't get much more nostaligic. Or shiny. I like shiny.
    Photo Credit: Katie of Skunkboy Creatures.
  • Tinsel Tree #3 13 of 25
    Via our very own Arianne Segerman here on Baby's 1st year and also author of, To To Think is To Create; named one of Babble's Top 100 Mom Bloggess' of 2011!
    Photo Credit: Arianne Segerman on Instagram.
  • The Colour Wheel… 14 of 25
    For Arianne's silvery tree. And it works!
    Photo Credit: Arianne Segerman on Instagram.
  • Room & Tree all Aglow 15 of 25
    As Arianne says, 'An aluminum tree and colour wheel of light are sort of the best Christmas presents ever.' I concur.
    Photo Credit: Arianne Segerman on Instagram.
  • Real Tree #1 16 of 25
    Thrifted at goodwill for $10. As Jenny of Frecklewonder will attest, 'if anyone is thrifting a Christmas tree, it's freckle'. Gah. I am always swooning over her home and lovely decor clusters.
    Photo Credit: Jenny Mitchell, aka: Frecklewonder on Instagram.
  • Vintage Santa Mugs & Shiny Balls 17 of 25
    Nothing says Christmas like shiny balls. What? It's true. *Innocent look*
    Photo Credit: Jenny Mitchell of Frecklewonder.
  • Vintage Toys 18 of 25
    As a fellow nutcracker collector, Jenny's collection of vintage dudes is of some pure delight for me. You?
    Photo Credit: Jenny Mitchell of Frecklewonder.
  • Nutcrackers in Abundance 19 of 25
    See? Told ya.
    Photo Credit: Jenny Mitchell of Frecklewonder.
  • Jenny Mitchell Wins Christmas 20 of 25
    Because this.
    Photo Credit: Jenny Mitchell of Frecklewonder.
  • Her Bad Mother’s Shiny, Shiny Balls 21 of 25
    Via our very own Catherine Conners, Babble's Director of Community & Social Good and one of our Babble Voices Bloggers. There can never be too many shiny balls.
    Photo Credit: Catherine, aka: Her Bad Mother on Instagram
  • It’s SO On! 22 of 25
    The countdown that is.
    Photo Credit: Catherine, aka: Her Bad Mother on Instagram.
  • Family Ornaments 23 of 25
    The complete adorableness. My favourite type of ornaments are of the sentimental kind. Collected and handmade over the years. Gifted or passed down from generation to generation.
    Photo Credit: ShoShonna Kish of Digging Roots.
  • Doors Merrily Jingle 24 of 25
    Not obnoxiously. Just ever so delicately. I love that my best girl treasures this ornament so. I made it and gifted it to her a few years back and on the front door it goes, every year. Sisterly love. It's of the stuff that helps to make us women great.
    Photo Credit: ShoShonna Kish of Digging Roots
  • Glittery Birds ‘Perched 25 of 25
    Everywhere. ShoShonna's Anishinaabe name translates to little bird and she loves them. A huge collector, they are scattered throughout her home in all of the their mostly thrifted splendour. This particular one is holding watch over her families sacred medicine bag. Especially during the Holidays.
    Photo Credit: ShoShonna Kish of Digging Roots

Now where, you may very well be wondering, is that real Christmas tree #2 or the tour from my very own little home in the Canadian north for that matter? Well, my friends, they are over on my personal blog, but of course. That way they can exist in all of their annoying wondrous entirety. Because I am, after all, the crazy Christmas lady.


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