10 Accessories for the Modern Kitchen


Look! Pretty little kitchen accessories. Perhaps the perfect addition to my kitchen’s mini-renovation is among them? New paint on the wall calls for new accessories, yes? Here are 10 to start off the organizing adventure.

  • Serving Tray 1 of 10
    Serving Tray
    A small birchwood tray for coraling all the little tools in the kitchen.
    Available at Harabu House, $28.
  • Bamboo Tray 2 of 10
    Bamboo Tray
    A deceptively simple bamboo tray, this one has a complex topography to make presentation and serving easier.
    Available at Harabu House, $45.
  • Corian Tray 3 of 10
    Corian Tray
    Completely flat, totally modern and made of stain resistant Corian to boot.
    Available at Horne, $335.
  • Opus Storage Jar 4 of 10
    Opus Storage Jar
    Elevate your grain storage with the modern organic shape of this jar. Gorgeous in multiples.
    Available at Horne, $32.
  • Mano Storage Jar 5 of 10
    Mano Storage Jar
    Add a little color (just a little) and texture to your storage options.
    Available at Horne, from $60.
  • Enamel Storage Boxes 6 of 10
    Enamel Storage Boxes
    Simple and modern with sustainably harvested acacia wood tops.
    Available at Harabu House,from $30.
  • Cammeo Containers 7 of 10
    Cammeo Containers
    Three containers with interchangable bands and unique shape. Cammeo defines itself as creating "art pieces with enough space for everyday storage".
    Available at Harabu House, from $45.
  • Wood Tray 8 of 10
    Wood Tray
    Acacia wood in a wonderful organic shape. Perfect for serving or display.
    Available at Plumo, $45.
  • Cookie Jar 9 of 10
    Cookie Jar
    Hand painted porcelain in lovely colors and cute geometric patterns.
    Available at Harabu House, $22.
  • Norm Bottle Grinder 10 of 10
    Norm Bottle Grinder
    Add some gorgeous color and fun shape to your pepper grinding.
    Available at Horne, $60.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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