10 Alternatives to Poinsettias!

Sorry, I’ve never been a poinsettia fan. I think they could be pretty in the right context but they’ve just been overdone for me. If you want to liven up your house this winter and this holiday season with some festive plants, take a look at some of my favorites below. Do you like fragrant flowers and herbs? You might want to decorate with a rosemary tree or some paperwhites or gardenias! Or do you like to fill your house with color? Try potting up some amaryllis and blooming Christmas cactus. More ideas, below!

  • Frasier Fir 1 of 10
    Frasier Fir
    Decorate with greens in an organic way by adding this Frasier tree to a kitchen or living room during the holidays. Brighten it up with a bow and ornaments if you prefer or leave as is for an organic look.
    $43.50 at Terrain
  • Paperwhites 2 of 10
    Plant the bulbs (they take about 4-6 weeks to grow) or pick some up pre-planted. Paperwhites are a holiday tradition but look good into January too. The will keep your home smelling really good too!
    $29 for 24 bulbs at White Flower Farm
  • Jasmine 3 of 10
    This sweet smelling vine looks great with Christmas decorations. It smells delicious and will last well into January.
    $65 for 24 bulbs at White Flower Farm
  • Amarylis 4 of 10
    A traditional, but absolutely lovely plant is the Amarylis! Plant in bulb form or buy already planted.They are available in an array of colors from pink to white to red.
    $14 at White Flower Farm
  • Gardenia 5 of 10
    Another beautiful white flower that is full of fragrance, is the gardenia! It will offer a festive and elegant look for any room.
    $39 at White Flower Farm
  • Calamondin Orange Tree 6 of 10
    Calamondin Orange Tree
    Citrus is so festive! I fill my house with bowls of clementines all holiday long. For a plant version, try this gorgeous Calamondin Orange tree, a cross between a kumquat and a tangerine. Tie a bow around the base for extra festivity!
    $85 at White Flower Farm
  • Christmas Cactus 7 of 10
    Christmas Cactus
    The 70's are all the rage again. You can add this plant to a stash of cactus in terra cotta for a different take on Christmas. Or, plant it into a modern white pot for a bright and cheery holiday look.
    $39 at White Flower Farm
  • Cyclamen 8 of 10
    You can't go wrong with bright cyclamen. They bloom for a long time and add color. I'd toss this into a simple white ceramic pot from Ikea for a fresh, modern look.
    More info at White Flower Farm
  • Rosemary Tree 9 of 10
    Rosemary Tree
    This charming rosemary plant has been trained into a sweet little tree. Keep it organic with the burlap cover or add to your own decorative pot. This tree will keep your house smelling good all season! Make sure it has plenty of light and to follow the watering instructions. Rosemary can be a bit tricky to grow in the house!
    $55 at White Flower Farm
  • Terrariums 10 of 10
    Terrarium Lovers: Make your plantings festive with a little ribbon and some pinecones. Or, make or buy one of these charming ornament terrariums!
    $46 at Mini Terrarium

Top photo: White Flower Farm. All other photos from respective sources.

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