9 Awesome Costume Ideas for Little Dudes


This may be my favorite little boys Halloween costume ever – a little garden gnome! This awesome boy costume got me to thinking about other fun costumes for little dudes (oooo, the Dude from Big Lebwoski – that would be a cute costume). Check out 9 awesome costume ideas for little dudes after the jump…

  • Cardboard Crocodile 1 of 9
    Cardboard Crocodile
    Make your kid into a ferocious crocodile with just a cardboard box. Source.
  • Garden Gnome 2 of 9
    Garden Gnome
    Gnomeo and Juliet come to life with a beard and some felt. Source.
  • Sock Monkey 3 of 9
    Sock Monkey
    Everyone's favorite toy, and cozy too! Source.
  • Robocop 4 of 9
    The streets of Detroit are safe, protected by this little dude in a homemade cardboard costume. Source.
  • Three Arm Baby 5 of 9
    Three Arm Baby
    Simply sew in an extra sleeve and watch as people wonder if it's a costume or not. Source.
  • Hot Air Balloon 6 of 9
    Hot Air Balloon
    Dress up as a hot air balloon, or make a cardboard house and use tons of regular balloons to dress up as the home from Pixar's beloved movie "Up". Source.
  • Fantastic Mr Fox 7 of 9
    Fantastic Mr Fox
    Add a tail to each family member for an easy group costume. Source.
  • Ron Washington 8 of 9
    Ron Washington
    Your favorite sports star is an easy costume when you make or buy a jersey. Source.
  • Dino-Tails 9 of 9
    This tutorial allows you to make a dinosaur tail for dress up in a jiff. Source.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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