10 Awesome Home Makeover Projects From Young House Love

Sherri and John of Young House Love believe there is no project they can’t tackle. This power home makeover couple does everything from refinishing furniture to revamping bookcases and all for super cheap. They take you through the whole step-by-step process of updating your home and provide you with helpful tips and tricks along the way. Want to learn how to add shelving to your office? Done. How about setting up kid-safe curtains? Done. We asked the young couple what their favorite projects have been and this is what they told us…

  • Less Than $11 Bookshelf Makeover 1 of 10
    Less Than $11 Bookshelf Makeover
    Painting built-ins can seem like an overwhelming task. However, once you plan out where everything will go and start painting it can be a quick and rewarding process. Didn't it turn out beautiful?
    Head over to Young House Love to see how they did it.
  • Shelving for Worldwide Postcards 2 of 10
    Shelving for Worldwide Postcards
    The word I would use to describe this project is, fun. Although your idea of installing shelves might not seem like something fun to do this tutorial makes it totally painless. The postcards filling the shelves are not from all the places they've been, but from all the readers that follow the blog.
    Hop on over to Young House Love to see just how the shelves were made and to get their address to send your own postcards to decorate their office.
  • Refinishing a Veneer Dresser 3 of 10
    Refinishing a Veneer Dresser
    If you haven't refinished a piece of furniture before don't be scared here is a thorough step-by-step process full of helpful details.
    Check out the post on Young House Love.
  • Cork Board Message Center 4 of 10
    Cork Board Message Center
    Instead of cluttering the refrigerator with recipes, notes and to-do lists consider putting cork boards in your cabinets. This fantastic idea will keep the kitchen looking clean and organized.
    Learn how to make your own cork board message centers at Young House Love.
  • Kid Safe, No Sew, Panel Curtains 5 of 10
    Kid Safe, No Sew, Panel Curtains
    Adding curtains and blinds to your window can be pretty inexpensive if you do right. You can even get your blinds custom cut for free.
    Find out just how it can be done on a budget at Young House Love.
  • Stunning Stenciling 6 of 10
    Stunning Stenciling
    Although stenciling can be quite a detailed process it is definitely worth the effort.
    See how beautiful their stenciling project turned out and find out how they did it at Young House Love.
  • Love, The Perfect Accessory 7 of 10
    Love, The Perfect Accessory
    Mementos are a wonderful way to keep your love alive in the home.
    Check out this list of creative memento ideas at Young House Love.
  • The Yellow Door 8 of 10
    The Yellow Door
    This yellow door didn't always look this warm and inviting. With some effort, painting and good ol' fashion TLC it was made into this beauty.
    See the whole front door re-do process atYoung House Love.
  • Expanding a Room With a Mirror 9 of 10
    Expanding a Room With a Mirror
    When re-doing a home it's easy to leave the laundry room behind but since you're in it so often, why not do it up. Check out this in-progress laundry re-do and see how big of a difference adding a mirror can make for a tiny space.
    Check it out at Young House Love.
  • Update a Light Fixture for Under $55 10 of 10
    Update a Light Fixture for Under $55
    If you are bored with a room in your home and don't feel like painting the walls or buying more furniture change up a light fixture. It's a small project that will make a big change.
    Learn how it's done at Young House Love.

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