10 Awesome IKEA Lighting Hacks!

I’ve always stayed away from doing any sort of electrical DIY, but some of these IKEA hacks I’ve come across as of late are maybe going to change that.  From a scary (but rather cool) spider lamp, to a fun floral number; a little IKEA hacking using lights could be fun! (Above: Pretty up a a REGOLIT paper lantern with this decoupage idea. From via on the thumbnails  below to see more!

  • Filter Paper Lamp 1 of 11
    Filter Paper Lamp
    The dandelion-like flowers were replaced with filter paper disks to create a less frilly look to the Maskros light.
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  • Fruitbowl Lamp 2 of 11
    Fruitbowl Lamp
    The TRADOS fruit bowl gets turned upside down.
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  • Add Flowers 3 of 11
    Add Flowers
    Zillions of crepe paper flowers are hot-glued to a REGOLIT.
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  • Plant Pot Chandelier 4 of 11
    Plant Pot Chandelier
    The SKURAR Plant Pot takes on a new life in this chandelier version.
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  • Adjustable Fruitbowl lamp 5 of 11
    Adjustable Fruitbowl lamp
    IKEA fruitbowl (Blanda Blank) + bedframe (Sultan Lade) = Lamp!
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  • Pimp your Maskros 6 of 11
    Pimp your Maskros
    Make your MASKROS your own - by adding stars!
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  • Shelf Bracket Sconce 7 of 11
    Shelf Bracket Sconce
    An EKBY VALTER shelf bracket and a HEMMA cord meet to create this unique sconce.
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  • Industrial Style 8 of 11
    Industrial Style
    Fräck mirror + tin can + candlestick = industrial style lamp.
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  • The Spider Lamp 9 of 11
    The Spider Lamp
    8 FORSÃ… table lamps become one pendent in this bug-like hack.
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  • Ancient Lamp Hack 10 of 11
    Ancient Lamp Hack
    An ancient oak beam meets modern day.
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  • Decoupage Hack 11 of 11
    Decoupage Hack
    Pretty up a a REGOLIT paper lantern with this decoupage idea.
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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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