10 Back To School Ideas For Mom!

Kiddos aren’t the only ones that are excited (or dreading) the back to school season. School can turn a Mom’s world upside down whether she is happy to have more time to herself or sad to not have her littles around all the time. Here are 10 ideas to help momma cope/celebrate her kid-free time!

  • Read! 1 of 10
    With the kiddos in school, you just might have a few minutes to read an actual book. Huzzah!
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  • Carpool 2 of 10
    Save yourself a little extra time on some days by carpooling with another mom in the area. Trust me, she'll want in!
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  • Pamper Yourself 3 of 10
    Pamper Yourself
    Get a mani, a pedi, or a massage, you deserve to pamper yourself, mom.
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  • Workout Class 4 of 10
    Workout Class
    Another great way to make time for yourself. Enroll in an exercise class! Spinning, kick boxing, whatever you choose, have fun!
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  • Meal Plans 5 of 10
    Meal Plans
    This is a fantastic way to save time. Make a bi-weekly meal plan and stick to it. Maybe even let the kids have a night to choose what they want!
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  • Projects 6 of 10
    Take on some household projects. What better time than when you have the house to yourself?
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  • Learn a New Craft 7 of 10
    Learn a New Craft
    If you're like me, you have always wanted to know how to quilt among other crafts. Now's the time!
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  • Mid-day Matinee 8 of 10
    Mid-day Matinee
    I absolutely love going to the movies solo, but it's not for everyone. If you're so inclined, just as a tip, a lot of theaters have an "early bird special" where the first showing of the day is super cheap. Enjoy!
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  • Hot Non-Mom Jeans 9 of 10
    Hot Non-Mom Jeans
    Go back to school shopping for yourself! WIth these jeans, no one will guess your a mom.
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  • Back to School Party 10 of 10
    Back to School Party
    Kick off the back to school season with a party! It'll help get the kiddos excited and it's just fun all around. I am loving this idea!
    See the details here on One Charming Party.


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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