10 Beauty Products You Think You Need, But You Don't

Just as there are beauty basics that every woman should have in her makeup bag, there are also a slew of products that you think you need, or you think you love, but they’re actually quite pointless.

Here are 10 beauty products to stop wasting money on:

1. Toner – According to GOOD magazine, toner is “one of those things we think we need because we’re using the wrong products to begin with.” They suggest using an earth-friendly soap or cream cleanser instead of an alkaline-based cleanser that leaves our skin unbalanced.

And if you really like the feel of toner, opt for an alcohol-free toner rather than the typical astringent.

2. Anything with “CELLULITE” in the name – Let’s just be serious.

3. Foot masks – Just because the skin on your feet feels thicker, that doesn’t mean that an all-over body moisturizer won’t do the trick. And just speaking from experience…foot masks? Really? I’ve never seen an iota of difference, especially considering the mess that they cause.

4. Neck cream – Once again, face moisturizer is all you really need on your neck and décollaté area — despite how tempting their promises seem.

5. Night face moisturizer – According to Dr.Hauschka (of Dr. Hauschka Skin Care), there’s important skin regeneration going on at night, where your skin naturally balances oil production and expels impurities.

And according to his 7 Facts That Will Change Your Skin, “Regular application of night creams interferes with these essential tasks, and over time skin becomes less able to care for itself. Use of nighttime moisturizers signals the sebaceous glands to cut down on moisture production, resulting in even drier skin. Over time, skin becomes dependent on moisturizing products just to appear ‘normal.'”

The only contradiction is if you’re applying retinol as an anti-ager, which is recommended to be used at night. But it seems like Dr. Hauschka prefers to leave skin natural at night.

6. Eye cream – According to Dr. Ellen Marmur, author of Simple Skin Beauty, “If you’re going to cancel one item from your shopping list, [eye cream] is the one. It’s just as effective, and far more efficient, to multitask with your regular moisturizer and daytime SPF. Yes, it feels nice, but, no, it is not a necessity.”

7. Lip exfoliate – Another largely unnecessary product.

8. Anti-aging hair products – Alterna happens to be a great brand, but I’m quite skeptical of their Anti-Aging hair care line — and I’m not the only one. According to LilSugar.com, “Hair products can be more or less emollient and moisturizing, but as far as anti-aging . . . well, your hair is already dead, so bringing it back to life and making it somehow ‘younger’ would be quite the feat.”

9. ChapStick – There’s a reason your ChapStick feels addicting — it contains alcohol, which dries out your lips and makes you keep applying over and over. If you do use a lip balm, opt for one with natural ingredients (like Burt’s Bees). But according to GOOD, “most lips can maintain their own moisture balance just fine.”

10. Anything with the term “Boob Enhancement” in the name – Again, really? And we buy these things, ladies — like Rodial Boob Job (a $150 bottle of hope that promises to increase cup size by 8.4% in less than 60 days, while instantly lifting and firming), and Zoft Breast Enhancement Gum (gum! seriously!). I actually tried the Rodial cream for a magazine story I was working on (research, people! research!), and I found it to be largely bogus.

What beauty products do you think are useless?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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