10 Best Columbus Day Crafts for Kids

Columbus Day is next week! I know it’s not generally the most celebrated holiday, but it is certainly educational. It can also be a lot of fun if you incorporate some of these fantastic kids crafts! Check them out; your kids will thank you.

  • Egg Cup Ships 1 of 10
    Egg Cup Ships
    Help them make their own Ninas, Pintas and Santa Marias! The sails are adorable.
    See more here on Kaboose
  • Telescope 2 of 10
    A cardboard telescope is great for Columbus Day — and pretty much any other day.
    See more here on Bunch Family
  • Shadow Puppets! 3 of 10
    Shadow Puppets!
    Make some shadow puppets and re-enact Columbus' journey!
    Image found here on Etsy
  • Rainmakers 4 of 10
    Rainmakers are always a hit with kids. I love this colorful one especially.
    See more here on The Crafty Crow
  • Sailor Hats 5 of 10
    Sailor Hats
    Everyone loves a classic newspaper hat, right?
    See more here on DLTK Kids
  • Paper Canoes 6 of 10
    Paper Canoes
    These are kind of genius. But you should probably keep them away from the water!
    See more here on Revive Designs
  • Paper Mache Globe 7 of 10
    Paper Mache Globe
    A little time consuming, but worth the effort! Let your littles make a globe and show the path Columbus sailed.
    See more here on Ziggity Zoom
  • Columbus’ Map 8 of 10
    Columbus' Map
    I used to love making old-world maps as a kid.
    See more here on Kaboose
  • 69 Day Countdown 9 of 10
    69 Day Countdown
    Make a countdown of sorts to count the 69 days it took for Columbus to cross the Atlantic.
    See more here on The Many Adventures
  • Handprint Ships 10 of 10
    Handprint Ships
    Cute and clever. Your little ones will love getting their hands messy!
    See more here on Crafty Shops


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