10 Best Gifts for Animal Lovers

Whether it’s your 5-year-old niece or your puppy-crazed co-worker, here are 10 of our favorite gifts for any and all animal lovers:

  • Unlikely Friendships: 47 Remarkable Stories from the Animal Kingdom, $10.97 1 of 10
    Does this really need an explanation? Even a non-animal lover would turn to mush after flipping through these heartwarming stories and achingly cute photos.
    Buy from Amazon.
  • Paul & Joe Cat Lipstick, $25 2 of 10
    Whether it's your high-school-aged niece or your cat-crazy sister, this is just about the most adorable lipstick ever created. The only downside: It might be too cute to use!
    Buy from Urban Oufitters.
  • Dancing Pet Speaker, $40 3 of 10
    What 7 year old/12 year old/45 year old wouldn't love a cat speaker that dances to the music? C'mon.
    Buy from Urban Oufitters.
  • Bamboo Animal Clocks, $54 – $68 4 of 10
    The Etsy shop "Decoy Lab" makes a variety of animal-shaped clocks (like fawns, squirrels, and even a hedgehog) from bamboo. Such a lovely gift for any animal lover.
    Buy from Etsy.
  • The Strange Planet Animals, $23 – $72 5 of 10
    While they're a little pricey (and design-y) to be handed off to a toddler, an animal-loving adult would proudly display these hand-painted, one-of-a-kind creatures. (The Etsy shop "The Good Machinery" also sells $15 prints of their animals.)
    Buy from Etsy.
  • Cooperative Cute Embellished Front Sweater, $69 6 of 10
    Apparently animals are the new mustaches of trendy, semi-ugly sweaters that are somehow irresistible. And although some animal sweaters can set of fashion sirens, this one is our absolute favorite.
    Buy from Urban Outfitters.
  • Sausage Dog Gloves, $39.99 7 of 10
    These adorable hand-knit mittens fold down for fingerless gloves. The Etsy shop Pomber sells a variety of animal mittens, as well as fingerless gloves.
    Buy from Etsy.
  • AREAWARE Pillows, $28 – $104 8 of 10
    These unique Victorian-inspired animal pillows (ranging from dogs to elephants to falcons) are designed from 19th century illustrations. Sizes range from small mini pillows to large cushions.
    Buy from AREAWARE.
  • Animal Crayons, $9 9 of 10
    Animal-topped crayons! The perfect stocking stuffer for tiny animal lovers.
    Buy from Fred Flare.
  • Furry Friend Silhouette Tote Bag, $30 – $40 10 of 10
    An all-purpose canvas tote designed with any type of dog or cat silhouette — even a custom request!
    Buy from Le Papier Studio.


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