10 Best Gifts for Bloggers

The blogger has transformed into a personality all in its own — and clearly a force to be reckoned with. We’re not just talking about mom and dad bloggers, but all kinds of professional bloggers and social media gurus. Typically glued to their computer or glued to their smart phone — answering emails, tweeting Instagram pics, and connecting with virtual communities — bloggers have a unique set of needs and wants.

And while Cecily came up with some great gift ideas for mom bloggers (like uninterrupted work time, respect, and a blog conference registration), here are some fun gifts your blogger would love to find wrapped under the tree:

  • Tech Gear Upgrades, $199+ 1 of 10
    Bloggers are, essentially, as good as their technology. Nowadays it's not only important to create good content (which is always #1), but to also engage with their communities and keep up on everything in the social media world. If you want to buy a gift that knocks his/her socks off, we recommend the Olympus Pen (which has the power of a DSLR without the complications and bulky gear), an iPad (because it's still the best tablet out there — by far — and is a blogger's favorite tool), a new laptop (like the Macbook Air), or a fancy new smartphone (I will always recommend the iPhone).
  • Business Cards, 25 for $30 2 of 10
    There's something exciting and official about getting a set of beautifully designed business cards — which she'll need for her upcoming blog conferences that you'll be sending her on. (Right?)
    Buy from Minted.
  • The Editor: A Blogging Planner, $25 3 of 10
    Designed exclusively for bloggers, this yearly planner includes places for post ideas/post management, logging important URLs, calculating blog income and expenses, managing contests and giveaways, and tracking featured products.
    Buy from The Editor.
  • Field Notes + Hustle Pack, $15 4 of 10
    This set from Tattly + Field Notes combines the usefulness of pocket notebooks (for when inspiration strikes!) with the highly appropriate temporary tattoo: HUSTLE. It'll help get your blogger motivated to keep working, while being organized in the process. It's pretty much the prefect stocking stuffer.
    Buy from Tattly.
  • iGo Charge Anywhere, $39.99 5 of 10
    Bloggers have the luxury of working anywhere with Internet service — but their electronics don't always hold out. If your blogger is frequently blogging on the go, the battery-run Charge Anywhere will literally charge anywhere.
    Buy from iGo.
  • Milo Bluelounge, $14.95 6 of 10
    If she frequently multi-tasks between her computer and her smartphone (so many social media sites to keep up with!), then she needs this elegant-looking phone prop. The micro-suction makes it a stable surface for all the swiping and typing she needs, and it works with any phone.
    Buy from The Ghostly Store.
  • Adobe Creative Software, $699 -$1299 7 of 10
    If he/she wants to take their blog to the next level, software like Photoshop ($699), InDesign ($699), and Illustrator ($599) are on every blogger's wish list. For design enthusiasts, you can buy an entire set ($1299 - $2599).
    Buy from Adobe.
  • Like & Dislike Stamps, $16 8 of 10
    Or any other social media gift that shows you "get" her sub-culture.
    Buy from Fred Flare.
  • Keep Calm and Blog On, $9.99 9 of 10
    Can't you see this hanging over her desk?
    Buy from Etsy.
  • Me & You Pencils, $12 10 of 10
    I know I'm always searching for a pen/pencil when an idea strikes, and these would make me smile every time — especially if it came from someone special.
    Buy from Etsy.

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