10 Best Gifts for Shutterbugs

Our 10 favorite gifts for Shutterbugs (and Shutterbugs-in-training) who never miss an opportunity to document the day:

  • LEGO Digital Camera, $74.99 1 of 10
    LEGO Digital Camera, $74.99
    It might look like a toy, but this working digital camera has a 3 megapixel resolution, an LCD color screen, and enough memory for 80 photos. Fun as a first camera, or just as a unique, kid-at-heart alternative.
    Buy from Fred Flare.
  • Fisher-Price Kid-Tough See Yourself Camera, $69.99 2 of 10
    Fisher-Price Kid-Tough See Yourself Camera, $69.99
    Not only is this a real digital camera with tons of bells and whistles (like a backward-rotating lens, so kids can take photos of themselves!), but it's made to withstand anything a toddler/kid can put it through.
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  • Poketo! Slim Wide-Angle Camera, $35 3 of 10
    Poketo! Slim Wide-Angle Camera, $35
    If you know someone tired of digital cameras (or just looking for a fun alternative), this 35 mm shoots super-saturated photos with a 22mm wide-angle lens, producing bright, dreamy prints.
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  • Photo a Day Photo Album, $28 4 of 10
    Photo a Day Photo Album, $28
    This 360-day photo album is the perfect gift for any camera-happy person on your list — from your 7-year-old niece to your 86-year-old Grandmother.
    Buy from Urban Outfitters.
  • Digital Time-Lapse Camera, $149 5 of 10
    Digital Time-Lapse Camera, $149
    If you know someone obsessed with the current stop-motion trend (seen here and here), then they need this new digital time-lapse camera. Instead of spending endless hours taking meticulously timed photos with complicated gear setup, this camera does all the work with the same impressive result.
    Buy from Photojojo.
  • The Pocket Pod, $24 6 of 10
    The Pocket Pod, $24
    The perfect gift for an on-the-go photographer! When a bulky tripod won't do, this palm-sized Pocket Pod gives a steady shot without awkward gear. Just attach the Pocket Pod to a camera's tripod mount, retract the cord (which is heigh-adjustable), and lock it in place with the foot pad. Easy, convenient, and affordable.
    Buy from Photojojo.
  • ONA Camera Bags: The Brooklyn ($309)/The Roma ($59) 7 of 10
    ONA Camera Bags: The Brooklyn ($309)/The Roma ($59)
    Jordan and Gabrielle showed us these two stylish, unisex camera bag options — one a pricey brown bag, and the other a more affordable camera bag insert, which fits in any small- to medium-sized bag.
    Buy them both from ONA.
  • Camera Necklace, $16.99 8 of 10
    Camera Necklace, $16.99
    This dainty, delicate handmade necklace (from Charm Topia) is the perfect accessory for a Shutterbug.
    Buy from Etsy.
  • 2012 Vintage Cameras Calendar, $15 9 of 10
    2012 Vintage Cameras Calendar, $15
    If you know someone with a vintage camera obsession, this is the 2012 calendar for them. (Made by Bomobob.)
    Buy from Etsy.
  • The Instax Mini, $90 – $140 10 of 10
    The Instax Mini, $90 - $140
    No matter what kind of fancy professional gear your photo-lover has, everyone needs one of these Fujifilm Instax Mini cameras — which is like the modern-day Polaroid. A smaller, crisper, much cooler Polaroid that still has its retro charm. A must-have, for sure.
    Buy from Photojojo.


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