10 Best Gifts for Tech Lovers

Whether it’s your 5-year-old daughter or your 60-year-old father, here are 10 gifts the techie in your family will love.


  • EVOZ Baby Monitor, $120 – $180 (Get 25% Off!) 1 of 10
    EVOZ Baby Monitor, $120 - $180 (Get 25% Off!)
    This is the ultimate baby monitor for techies. Why? Because it syncs up with any OS device (iPhone, iPad, Mac laptop) so you can check in with your baby from anywhere in the world. You can also have it call/text/email you when your baby wakes up, as well as collect sleep/crying data.
    Buy from EVOZ with an exclusive 25%-off discount with the code Evozearlymama.
  • Smart Phone Teether, $17 2 of 10
    Smart Phone Teether, $17
    Just because your baby isn't ready for screen time doesn't mean she can't fit in with the rest of the gadget-loving family with this adorable handmade teether.
    Buy from Etsy (3 Princesses Engraving).
  • Wooden Creative Tablet, $38 3 of 10
    Wooden Creative Tablet, $38
    Another alternative that preps future techies, this iPad look-a-like blends a techie-looking device with childhood simplicity. Rather than play apps, kids can draw and create on their own.
    Buy from Etsy (Twig Creative).
  • Crayold Colorstudio HD, $29.99 4 of 10
    Crayold Colorstudio HD, $29.99
    The moment your kids are old enough to steal your iPad, we recommend Crayola's ColorStudio HD app (from Griffin Technology) that turns any iPad into a virtual coloring book.
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  • Learning Tablets, $89.99 – $109.99 5 of 10
    Learning Tablets, $89.99 - $109.99
    The LeapFrog Learning Tablet is the hot gift of the holidays, but it can be a hard item to find — which is where the VTech Innotab comes in. It's virtually the same thing (both have e-readers, pictures, apps, and art studios, and are made for kids 4 - 9 years), but with a few big differences. The Leapfrog comes with more memory (2GB), as well as a built-in photo and video camera — the Innotab doesn't. BUT the Innotab has an MP3 player, the ability to upload videos, and a kick-stand (to watch those videos) — the Leapfrog doesn't. Moreover, you'll have to buy an SD card for the Innotab (evening out the prices), which brings the Innotab's memory to a whopping 16 GB. You can't expand the Leapfrog's memory past 2 GB (but you won't have to).
    Buy the Innotab from Best Buy.
    Buy Leapfrog LeapPad Learning Tablet from Kmart. (They're hard to find!)
  • MICHAEL Michael Kors Wallet Clutch for iPhone 4S, $79.95 6 of 10
    MICHAEL Michael Kors Wallet Clutch for iPhone 4S, $79.95
    We're seriously lusting after this clutch, which holds a gadget girl's most prized possession in a stylish little clutch.
    Buy from Apple.
  • NOOK Tablet ($249) or Kindle Fire ($199.99) 7 of 10
    NOOK Tablet ($249) or Kindle Fire ($199.99)
    The NOOK has more memory and the benefit of in-store support (plus it looks better), but the Kindle is super easy for tech newbies and has a TON of apps. Yet if you're looking for the best of the best tablet, you still can't beat an iPad's features, apps, and quality. You get what you pay for.
    Buy Kindle Fire from Amazon.
    Buy Nook Tablet from Barnes & Noble.
  • Logitech Harmony Link, $99.99 8 of 10
    Logitech Harmony Link, $99.99
    Is Dad always losing the remote? Or does he just love new tech toys to play with? The Harmony Link can turn an iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone into a universal TV/stereo remote.
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  • iPhone Photo Lenses, $20 – $49 9 of 10
    iPhone Photo Lenses, $20 - $49
    If you know someone addicted to their cell phone camera, these magnetic camera lenses (that fit on any cell phone camera) come in wide angle, fisheye (curved edges) and telephoto (with 2x zooming power).
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  • FitBit Ultra, $99.95 10 of 10
    FitBit Ultra, $99.95
    Get a jump on 2012 resolutions with — what else? — a fancy new gadget. The new FitBit Ultra logs your entire daily activity (steps taken, miles walked, calories burned, and hours slept), and helps you track sleep habits for a healthier new year.
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