10 Best Ikea Products for Kids

Ikea has so many options for kids, it was difficult to choose just ten from our favorite Swedish Meatball vendor. These items are our favorite tried and true Ikea products. What are we missing?

1. Antilop High Chair $20 This no frills high chair is perfect. Easy to wipe down and no place for food to hide, and you can’t beat the price.

2. Leka Baby Gym $25 Most baby gyms are gawdy, but this one is wooden and adorable.

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3. Expedit Shelf $129 This shelf made our list because it is perfect for toy filled storage bins. It’s pretty much like cubby holes from kindergarten.

4. Ekorre Walker $19 When the baby is learning to walk this clever walker has resistance for slow steps. Then when he is older it is a wagon to push his toys around in.

5. Lack Side Table $8 Although this is technically for a living room, these little tables are great for the play room. And you can’t beat the price.

6. Rens Sheepskin $25 These look great around the living room for another soft place to lay the baby but they are dangerous to keep in cribs and bassinets.

7. Kladd Bibs $4  Cheap, easy and good looking. We buy them in bulk.

8. Forsiktig Stool $4 It’s an adult world, make it a little easier to get around (or at least to reach the sink.)

9. Smila Mane Lamp $10 This wall lamp emits soft light and is tamper proof against little hands.

10. Gulliver Crib $99 This crib is no frills and a beautiful simple design. Wins against those fancy cribs all the time.

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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