10 Best Wet Hairstyles For Moms

Moms, what do you do when you don’t have time to wait for your hair to dry, but need to rush out the door? You need to look put-together — without reverting to the messy bun. We’re here to help you out with our top picks for wet hairstyles for mom. These easy, breezy ‘dos can be styled without spending too much time in front of the mirror, and they’re super chic to boot. So the next time you’re strapped for time, give these a whirl!

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  • Sleek, Back Knot Pony 1 of 10
    Sleek, Back Knot Pony
    Best for: Long, straight hair
    How to: Apply shine serum throughout hair then brush hair back into a high pony (at the top of your crown). Separate a small piece of hair from the pony and wrap it around the ponytail holder, then secure it with bobby pins.
    Image Credit: Hair By Adrian
  • Deep Side Part Hairstyle 2 of 10
    Deep Side Part Hairstyle
    Best for: Short to medium hair, straight or wavy
    How to: Part hair to the preferred left or right side of your face. Slick back using a military brush, then use a shine serum or spray on the finished look. You can wear it down or put it in a low pony or bun.
    Image Credit: Become Gorgeous
  • Vintage, Pinned-Up Hairstyle 3 of 10
    Vintage, Pinned-Up Hairstyle
    Best for: Medium to long hair, straight or curly
    How to: Brush wet hair back with a brush, then apply a spray gel. Twist and pin hair with bobby pins where desired. You can create waves simply by twisting and pinning!
    Image Credit: Become Gorgeous
  • Slick Bun 4 of 10
    Slick Bun
    Best for: Medium to long, straight hair
    How to: To truly showcase your face, slick back your hair into a sleek, wet bun like Heidi Klum. Apply a shine serum or spray to hair, brush back, and twist it into a low bun. Use bobby pins where needed to hide stray hairs!
    Image Credit: Hair on the Brain
  • Slicked-Back Hair 5 of 10
    Slicked-Back Hair
    Best for: Short hair
    How to: Slick back your hair using a military brush (you can purchase one at a Sally's Beauty Supply or Walgreens) then use a shine serum or spray on the finished look.
    Image Credit: Become Gorgeous
  • Low, Wet Pony 6 of 10
    Low, Wet Pony
    Best for: Long hair, wavy or curly
    How to: Scrunch hair slightly, comb hair back into a low pony, then scrunch the hair coming out of the pony again. For the final touch, spray a shine serum or gentle hold hairspray to tame flyaways.
    Image Credit: Become Gorgeous
  • Finger Wave, Slicked-Back Hair 7 of 10
    Finger Wave, Slicked-Back Hair
    Best for: Straight hair
    How to: Apply a thick, smooth gel all over really wet hair to set it in place. Comb your hair forward into the direction you want the first finger wave to go, then start combing it in the opposite way so that you start to create a bit of a wave in the hair. Now, you can hold the wave and then keep doing the same thing on the whole head.
    Image Credit: Become Gorgeous
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  • Long Braid 8 of 10
    Long Braid
    How to: Apply a strong hold cream on wet hair, starting from the roots and moving down to the ends using only your fingers. Next comb the hair back away from the forehead with the help of a fine-tooth comb and secure it with an elastic, creating a tight, high ponytail. Then braid the end of the ponytail and secure the bottom with elastic to complete the style.
    Image Credit: Last Hair Models
  • Short, Straight, Sophisticated Updo 9 of 10
    Short, Straight, Sophisticated Updo
    Best for: Short to medium straight hair
    How to: Apply a generous amount of styling gel to wet hair and comb through. Immediately gather your bangs (or a small section near the top of your head) and pin them back using bobby pins. Brush the rest of your hair back and tie it with an elastic. If it's not long enough, secure it up in pieces using bobby pins.
    Image Credit: Beauty Riot
  • The Heidi Wet Braid 10 of 10
    The Heidi Wet Braid
    Best for: Long hair, straight or wavy
    How to: Part your hair down the middle into two sections. Braid each section and secure with an elastic band — I like the clear ones so they won't show. Then pull each braid up and over your head and pin, then tuck ends under braids to finish.
    Image Credit: Become Gorgeous


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