10 Christmas & Decor DIY Ideas With Washi Tape

10 DIY Christmas & Decor Washi Tape Ideas via Babble

Washi Tape is super popular right now. You might have seen it all over Pinterest or on your favorite blog! I am one of those people that is obsessed with it! I am always looking for ways that I can spruce up my home with it. Washi is a style of Japanese paper tape that started in Japan but manufacturing has now spread throughout the world. We have found 10 Christmas & Decor DIY Ideas with Washi Tape! You will love all of these ways in which you can use washi & masking tape!

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  • Reindeer Antlers 1 of 10
    Replace your real life antlers with these tape Antlers for Christmas time! This would add a fun accent to your home!
    Image Credit: Stylizimo
  • Taped Frames 2 of 10
    Do you have a favorite poster, magazine clipping or picture that you don't know what to do with? Make these fun Washi Tape frames for your pictures or magazine clippings!
    Image Credit: Trendenser
  • Christmas Tree 3 of 10
    Super fun idea- Make a Christmas Tree out of tape! You and your kids can spend quality time making this tree together.
    Image Credit: B:kids
  • Diamond 4 of 10
    Are you looking for ways to decorate your plain walls? Why not trying making this great Diamond made of washi tape!
    Image Credit: Pastill
  • Washi Tree 5 of 10
    Love the look of this Washi Tree! Your kids could add ornament stickers to this washi tape inspired Christmas tree!
    Image Credit: Kickcan & Conkers
  • Swiss Cross Frames 6 of 10
    Take your wall to the next level, by adding a few swiss cross details around your posters!
    Image Credit: Lisannevandeklift
  • Cube 7 of 10
    Love this cube shape that you can make from Washi Tape! It is super easy to do and adds a quirky touch to your home!
    Image Credit: Trendenser.
  • Christmas Tree 8 of 10
    Make this cute little Christmas Tree with Washi Tape! Your kids can even decorate it with garland and stickers!
    Image Credit: Decopeques
  • Add A Cross 9 of 10
    Love the way that this looks-Add a few Crosses on your wall and voila you have updated those plain boring walls!
    Image Credit: La Petite Magazine
  • Wall Decor 10 of 10
    You can use Washi Tape to tape up pretty pictures or magazine clippings to your wall! This will take you no time at all, and add lots of personality to your home!
    Image Credit:Smam



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