10 Cool Ideas for Small Kids Rooms

Kids don’t need more space — they just need more creativity. Plenty of people fit families in comfy quarters — whether it’s three kids in one bedroom or converting a closet into a baby nursery.

Here are 10 cool small kids rooms to give you some inspiration for your own tiny space:

  • Storage Solutions 1 of 10
    Another example of space-saving under-bed storage.
  • Hidden Bed 2 of 10
    If your kid is sleeping in a smaller attic space, this hideaway bed is conveniently tucked away.
  • Bright and Neutral 3 of 10
    Neutral colors and lots of natural light brighten up this small space.
  • Stay Creative 4 of 10
    Just because you're lacking space doesn't mean you have to lack style.
  • Crib Nook 5 of 10
    Taking advantage of nooks and crannies is key in maximizing a small space.
  • Two Kids in a Closet 6 of 10
    Our Family Style blogger, Jordan, had her crib specially "hacked" and installed to fit two kids in one closet.
  • Closet Hideaway 7 of 10
    I'm not sure how she got up there, but it doesn't look like she minds her cozy hideaway.
  • Indoor Treehouse 8 of 10
    These parents certainly took advantage of this narrow space.
  • A Perfect Fit 9 of 10
    What more does a baby really need?
  • Space Saver 10 of 10
    The bed positioning and under-bed storage saves some serious space.

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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