10 Coolest Kids Rooms


Creating kid spaces that encourage play, keep things organized for kids and parents, provide a space to sleep and still have a sense of fun and whimsy is not an easy task. Here are ten spaces that got it right in their own ways. If I were a kid, they’re exactly what I would want.

  • Room for Three 1 of 10
    Room for Three
    This room by Cortney Novogratz made a small space work for triplets.
    Cortney Novogratz
  • Estella and Gus’s Room 2 of 10
    Estella and Gus's Room
    This bedroom is full of toys buy still feels organized thanks for the open shelving and bright space.
    Photo by Covent Garden
  • Suspended Sleeping 3 of 10
    Suspended Sleeping
    Suspending three beds for their three sons was both a practical and fun solution for this shared bedroom.
    Photo by The Bumper Crop
  • Indoor Playground 4 of 10
    Indoor Playground
    The indoor jungle gym in this room (see those rings on the far left of the picture?) would be the perfect solution to a long winter and cabin fever.
    Photo by Louis Lemaire
  • Lucas’ Room 5 of 10
    Lucas' Room
    While custom built-ins are expensive, this room makes me realize how much space they create.
    Photo by Covet Garden
  • Rainbows & White 6 of 10
    Rainbows & White
    This should give any renter with a no-painting policy hope - it's full of so much color. In fact I'm not sure it would work with walls of any other color.
    Photo by Skonahem
  • Mary’s Room 7 of 10
    Mary's Room
    This alcove bed is exactly what I would have wanted when I was little. It would be the perfect place to read a book into the night, chat with friends, or lock out the world. (Actually, it would still be the perfect place to do those things!)
    Photo by Apartment Therapy
  • Vertical Space 8 of 10
    Vertical Space
    I love the height of this small space, and I'm dying to know where the stairs go. Wouldn't it be fun to have a secret loft to play in?
    Elle Interior
  • Window Seat Bed 9 of 10
    Window Seat Bed
    Would you like sleeping in a window seat alcove? It's so sunny and bright, but I wonder if it would by too drafty or public or cramped?
    Photo by Kristen Panitch
  • Kid-Sized 10 of 10
    I like the scale of this room - everything is seems so accessible for kids. But do you think you'd get enough use out of kid-sized furniture to make it worth buying?
    Photo by Sally Conran



Article Posted 5 years Ago

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