10 Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs from Around the World

This year think outside the box when decorating your Easter eggs. Instead of going with what you traditionally do, see how people from around the world have decorated Easter eggs. Check out the intricate designs of Greek Easter eggs, see how Japan has used origami paper to make Easter eggs, and be inspired to go for something elegant and simple like the Norwegian Easter eggs. These different types all use creative techniques that are fun to play around with.

Check out these 10 creative ways to decorate Easter eggs from around the world here…

  • Easter Eggs from Japan 1 of 10

    In Japan you'll find these washi Easter eggs for inspiration. Pick out colorful origami paper and decoupage it onto the eggs. 

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  • Easter Eggs from the Czech Republic 2 of 10

    Use melted wax to decorate unique designs onto your Easter eggs like these ones from the Czech Republic. 

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  • Easter Eggs from Austria 3 of 10

    Use paint to create a scene and story on your Easter eggs like these ones from Austria.

    Photo via Wikimedia.

  • Easter Eggs from Russia 4 of 10

    Go glitzy by recreating your own beautiful Fabergé eggs inspired by the classic ones from Russia. Use rhinestones and small beads to help you bring in the sparkle.  

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  • Easter Eggs from Hungary 5 of 10

    Easter Eggs from Hungary are simple and sweet. You can learn how to make botanical Easter eggs on Martha Stewart

    Photo via Wikimedia.

  • Easter Eggs from Italy 6 of 10

    This year, decorate your Easter eggs by nestling them into Italian Easter bread

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  • Easter Eggs from Bulgaria 7 of 10

    Roll up colorful pieces of paper and glue them onto Easter eggs like these Bulgarian-quilled Easter eggs. Make beautiful flower designs or go for an ombre gradient.

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  • Easter Eggs from Greece 8 of 10

    Sketch out your design first and then take a small paint brush, or even puffy paints for the kids, and create these elaborate pictures, inspired by these Greek Easter eggs. 

    Photo via Wikimedia.

  • Easter Eggs from Belgium 9 of 10

    Dye your eggs with polka dots to create these beautiful Easter eggs from Belgium.

    Photo via Wikimedia.

  • Easter Eggs from Norway 10 of 10

    Make designs on your Easter eggs by glueing pieces of paper or even paper-thin pieces of wood to make these unique designs.

    Photo via Wikimedia

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