10 Creative Ways to Display Books in the Home

If you’re a bookworm there are some fun and unique ways you can display your favorite pieces of literature to be incorporated with your home decor. Cut costs by making a wooden wine box display or using a vintage ladder to show off your books. One of my favorite ideas is the industrial pipe bookshelf that can be mounted to fit the nook and crannies in your home. Sometimes even a simple stack of color coded books can be enough to catch the eye. These 10 Creative Ways to Display Books in the Home give bookshelves a whole new meaning.

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  • Pipes Galore 2 of 11

    Set your books on a unique bookshelf made out of industrial piping. You can make one of your own to fit in a specific corner of your place.
    Buy it for $195 at Loft Essentials.

  • Spiral Shelf 3 of 11

    I love the idea of turning your books into a piece of art on the wall with a unique spiral shelf. I think color coding them would really make this idea pop.
    Buy it for $500 at Brianna Kufa.

  • Balance Shelf 4 of 11

    Mount your books on a scale shelf. Put the books you've already read on one and the books you are hoping to read soon on the other.
    Buy it for $240 at Cush Design Studio.

  • Storage Crates 5 of 11

    Stack plastic storage crates and fill them with books in your child's room.
    Photo via Land of Nod.

  • In a Basket 6 of 11

    Repurpose a vintage metal basket as a place to store books. This would come in handy when storing children's books and taking them from room to room.
    Photo via West Elm.

  • Ladder Shelf 7 of 11

    Prop up a ladder against a wall and lay wooden slats across. Use the slats as shelving for the books.
    Buy it for $200 at Kim Borboleta.

  • By a String 8 of 11

    Hang your books by a string with this unique bookshelf.
    Buy it for $210 at Old and Cold.

  • Repurposed Door Shelf 9 of 11

    Turn an old door into a bookshelf by adding wood shelves behind the door to set the books on.
    Buy it for $450 at The Door Shelf Factory.

  • Wood Crate Shelf 10 of 11

    Stack vintage wine crates against a wall both vertically and horizontally to use as a book display.
    Buy it for $340 at Designed for Use.

  • Fabric Bookshelf 11 of 11

    Mount fabric bookshelves on the wall at eye level for the kids to reach.
    Buy it for $43 Posh Paper Creations.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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