10 DIY Creative Spins on the Classic Easter Basket

Growing up I can remember having the same Easter basket year after year. My mom lit up at the idea of us still using our first Easter basket ever, but by age 13 the rather tattered basket that was only partially intact definitely had to go. That long-standing tradition is something I will cherish forever, but remembering that I had to hold my basket together some years, well … not so much.

These creative spins on the classic Easter basket are new ways in which you can change up or come up with a completely brand new Easter basket. Consider making one out of felt this year with cute appliqué designs. There are also no-sew options like the colorful tutu Easter basket that can match your daughter’s Easter dress.

See all 10 DIY creative spins on the classic Easter basket here:

  • Felt Totes 1 of 10

    Felt totes can be personalized with adorable spring appliqué and DIY fabric flowers. They can easily collapse to be stored until next year comes around. You can learn how to make felt Easter bags on The Purl Bee.

    Buy it for $40 at Etsy.

  • Fabric Easter Buckets 2 of 10

    Personalize a fabric Easter bucket with your child's name on it. If you're feeling crafty, you can use this trick-or-treat bucket bag as a tutorial for making a similar one that also folds up into a drawstring bag.

    Buy it for $24.99 at Etsy.

  • Heirloom Basket 3 of 10

    A beautiful basket like this one is eco-friendly and made from old shirts. You could start by learning the fabric bowl technique, and you'll be on your way to making this cutie. 

    Buy it for $45 at Etsy.

  • Spring Flower Easter Basket 4 of 10

    Cover an Easter basket in lovely spring blooms. You can go for a colorful option or something sleek and delicate like this white one. You can find a simple tutorial for how to make one on Susan Tuttle Photography

    Buy it for $11.50 at Etsy

  • Easter Pail 5 of 10

    Decorate a metal pail to make an Easter basket for the kids. They can help by adding their own personal touch with paints and stickers. If you're feeling extra crafty, consider adding a touch of gold with a gold leaf tutorial

    Buy it for $26 at Etsy.

  • Bit o’ Ruffles Basket 6 of 10

    Choose an extra-girly Easter basket this year that is covered in ruffles. Don't sew? Not a problem, you can either buy or make a no-sew ruffled Easter basket. If you do want to try your hand at sewing one up, grab some fabric and get started on this tutorial

    Buy it for $25 at Etsy.

  • Tutu Easter Basket 7 of 10

    Go all out and adorn your Easter basket with tulle. This is a super easy, no-sew option that can definitely add a colorful pep to your Easter decor. Learn how to make one on My Creative Way

    Buy it for $30 at Etsy.

  • Easter Basket Boxes 8 of 10

    A reclaimed wood basket can be used around the house after Easter Sunday. Fill it with toys and treats from the Easter Bunny. If you want to make your own Easter basket boxes, learn how to build one and paint it to give it a rustic look on Painted Therapy

    Buy it for $24 at Etsy.

  • Easter Basket Tote 9 of 10

    This adorable cotton tote can be used all throughout the year. I love that it has such a minimal style but also comes in a variety of different colors. Surprise the kids with them on Easter morning, and then take them out for an egg hunt. If you want to make one, here is a braided rope necklace tutorial that is a great starting off point for making braided rope straps.  

    Buy it for $37.25 at Etsy.

  • Fringe Easter Baskets 10 of 10

    Use the same technique used in these mini Easter baskets to make full-sized ones for the kids. I think it would look great if you created an ombré effect with the fringe, what do you think? 

    Check out the tutorial at Studio DIY.

Jacinda Boneau is a fabric designer and founding co-editor at Pretty Prudent, the premier design and lifestyle blog providing inspiration and instruction to help anyone create beautiful things, food, and experiences for their friends and family.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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