10 of the Easiest 5-Minute Hair Tutorials for a Boring Hair Rut

All busy women — moms or not (but especially moms) — can find themselves in a “hair rut.”

Typically it’s a “mom bun,” a ponytail, or even just a quick yet ordinary braid. For me it was (and sometimes still is) the bun. I desperately don’t want to cut my youthful hair, but it’s far too easy to throw it up into a top bun. And then a bun the next day. And then a bun the day after that.

But there are plenty of hair options out there that take mere minutes, especially for us long-haired ladies. I’ve recently taken up braids, and it’s incredible how quick I can get my hair out of my face while still looking like I had more than 5 minutes of peace in the bathroom. And the great thing about braid tutorials is that many of them work on semi-wet hair, for those shower-and-go mornings.

Here are 10 QUICK hairstyle tutorials that I’ve recently tried and loved — and they all take under 5 minutes:


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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