10 Gorgeous Handmade Cards for Any Occasion

Keep a collection of handmade cards on hand that can be used for any occasion. You will see that simple techniques like a watercolor wash and marbling can really make your cards stand out from the rest. Have the kids join in on the fun by making colorful splatter paint cards! These easy DIYs can be used for pretty much any paper project like place cards, gift tags, paper garlands, and more.

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  • Marbled Paper Cards 2 of 11

    Learn how to make your own marbled paper cards for any occasion.
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  • Watercolor 3 of 11

    Decorate your own place cards by giving them a watercolor wash.
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  • Rubber Stamps 4 of 11

    Use different colors of ink to make beautifully stamped cards for friends.
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  • Foam Stickers and Ribbon 5 of 11

    Cut out a cloud shape and hang ribbon and foam sticker stars to make a cloud and stars card to use for any occasion.
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  • Origami Hearts 6 of 11

    Use an origami technique to make a heart card out of paper.
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  • Chalkboard Paint 7 of 11

    Use chalkboard paint to make place cards and the same technique for greeting cards.
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  • Potato Stamps 8 of 11

    Grab a potato and paint to add your own personal designs to cards with potato stamps.
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  • Wax Resist Cards 9 of 11

    Write words beautiful on paper with wax and watercolor over it.
    Find out more at Tikkido.

  • Washi Tape 10 of 11

    Decorate paper without a mess by using washi tape to create images or to turn them into colorful popsicles!
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  • Splatter Paint 11 of 11

    Get the kids to help you make fun splatter paint cards and gift tags.
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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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