10 Eco-Friendly Natural Swimming Pools


Image Source: Thinkstock
Image Source: Thinkstock

Love to swim but hate the chlorine? Here’s a collection of amazing natural pools that offer a chemical-free way to stay cool.

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    Natural pools have become a phenomenon across Europe over the past decade and are just beginning to catch on in the U.S.
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    Natural pools eliminate harsh chemicals like chlorine by combining the cleaning properties of plants with bio-filtration and skimming systems.
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    The pools are separated into two zones, the plant zone and the swimming zone.
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    Unlike murky or mushy ponds, natural pools are lined with special materials and water circulation keeps the water crystal clear.
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    While they cost slightly more to install, monthly maintenance costs are eliminated.
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    While traditional pools can be unsightly in the winter, natural pools offer year-round beauty.
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Visit the Woodhouse Natural Pools , BioNova, or Clear Water Revival for more information.

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