10 Essential Oils That Help Create a Calm Home

Essential oils have been used throughout time in a number of different ways. I was never quite convinced of the strength of essential oils until I started using them at home daily. I noticed an immediate change, plus it never hurts to just make the home smell wonderful. Simply adding a drop of lavender to a warm bath or diffusing eucalyptus oil in a pot of hot water can help relieve much of the day’s worries. Find out which oils are great for fighting off allergies and pesky bugs in the home, and which work to help wind everyone down after a big day.

See the 10 essential oils that help create a calm home here:

  • Lavender Essential Oil 1 of 10

    Lavender relaxes the body and can help bring a calmness into the home. Use it before bedtime to help the whole family wind down after a long day.

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  • Citrus Oil 2 of 10

    Citrus essential oil can be used as a great stress reliever for both children and adults. It can help support the immune system and can bring about a sense of creativity. Use it in the home as a disinfectant as well. 

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  • Valor Oil 3 of 10

    Diffuse Valor oil throughout the home to promote a sense of courage and realignment both emotionally and physically. You can also rub a little Valor Oil on your wrist before a big meeting to help settle anxiety.

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  • Eucalyptus Oil 4 of 10

    When allergies come about, it's best to diffuse a few drops of eucalyptus to help as a decongestant. I once sat in a eucalyptus-infused steam room and could instantly feel everything clear up — even my brain. This essential oil can help make you feel rejuvenated after you've been fighting off a cold or when just feel a little extra sleepy. 

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  • Chamomile Essential Oil 5 of 10

    Chamomile is a great sleep inducer, which makes it perfect for people with insomnia. It is all about being calm and settled with this essential oil. 

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  • Peppermint Essential Oil 6 of 10

    Start your day by inhaling the strong scent of peppermint. It can help alert your senses and is wonderful to use when your stomach is feeling a little under the weather. Bring a bit of it with you on a trip to diffuse in the hotel room, and it can keep any queasy feelings away.

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  • Jasmine Essential Oil 7 of 10

    Diffuse jasmine essential oils in the house about three times a day to keep a peaceful atmosphere going. Jasmine is said to also help promote self-confidence with soothing and uplifting qualities. 

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  • Sandalwood Essential Oil 8 of 10

    Sandalwood in the home is a great way to keep bugs away. This is a natural option you can use to rid your house of ants on rainy days and flying bugs in the summer. It also helps soothe and calm, and it works as an anti-inflammatory.

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  • Geranium Oil 9 of 10

    Geranium oil can help relieve nervous tension and brings about an uplifting sense in the home. It is said to help remove negative memories and promote happiness and well-being.

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  • Rose Otto Oil 10 of 10

    Rose Otto Oil is a very delicate scent that is great for women. It is said to help uplift and balance emotion, while also helping to brush away negativity. Word on the street is that it is also an aphrodisiac. 

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