10 Fall Fashion Trends You Might Regret Buying

Each and every season, we look to the runways (and then to our local stores) for the biggest trends that everyone’s wearing. Many are recycled trends from eras past, especially this season, where we’re seeing comebacks from all over history’s map — from the 1920s to the 1990s.

Often times these trends are debated, and although you might initially think that a look is silly (graphic pants?), the more you see them on celebs and in J.Crew catalogs, the more they grow on you. (Remember: people once thought big shoulder pads and velour tracksuits looked good.)

But allow me to pull off your blinders for a moment. It’s much more important to buy clothes that’ll get years of wear — clothes that will work with your current wardrobe and your current style — rather than an “it” piece that you’ll eventually stop thinking is cool.

Of course many of these trends might be your exact style, in which I say awesome. Go for it. But if you’re on the fence about a certain look, here are some things to keep in mind before buying:

  • Baroque/Luxe Fabrics 1 of 10
    Baroque/Luxe Fabrics
    This just screams regret to me. If you'd like to dabble in this highly prominent, yet incredibly dramatic, fashion trend, start with small accents rather than head-to-toe baroque.
    Buy from Nordstrom for $545
  • Peplum, if its not done right. 2 of 10
    Peplum, if its not done right.
    Many welcome the return of peplum and its flattering silhouette for women. Yet it can actually do the exact opposite of what you're intending — that is slimming and accentuating a woman's feminine curves — if it's not done right.

    Choose a thinner material (like cotton over wool) so the look is a little more modern, and always pair a peplum top with a streamlined bottom — whether it's a pencil skirt or tapered pants. Otherwise it'll look too bottom heavy. For those on the fence about something so classically feminine, try balancing it out with edgy accents like leather and studs.
    Buy from H&M for $49.95/ Forever 21 for $17.80
  • Ornate Embellishments 3 of 10
    Ornate Embellishments
    If you already gravitate toward the glitz and glam, then you might appreciate the current ornate trend. For others, the "bedazzled" look might get old in a few seasons.
    Buy from Piperlime for $79.90
  • Dark Lips 4 of 10
    Dark Lips
    This season is all about the oxblood red and deep burgundy colors, but dark lipstick might feel too dramatic for some. If you prefer a slightly more conservative lip color, choose a lighter shade of burgundy. You'll also want to go more "berry" than "eggplant" if you have fair skin (to avoid the vampire look).

    And for those with thin lips, a dark matte color can actually make your lips look even thinner. In that case, add a subtle gloss — but not too shiny.
    Buy from Sephora for $25
  • Waxed Skinnies 5 of 10
    Waxed Skinnies
    If you're already feeling a little body conscious in skinny jeans, waxed skinny jeans — the ones that look like shiny faux leather — won't help any.
    Buy from Nordstrom for $109.90
  • Bold Pants 6 of 10
    Bold Pants
    This season is all about the pants — from floral prints to multi-colored graphic designs. If you want in on the trend, be careful to find a pair that's wearable with your current wardrobe. And if you're on the fence, don't stray too far into busy Fresh-Prince-like graphics.
    Buy from ASOS for $87.95
  • Palazzo Pants 7 of 10
    Palazzo Pants
    Palazzo pants are in and out of fashion — one minute they're in, the next they're silly. Take this as a hint before you spend too much money on a pair.
    Buy from ASOS for $20.23
  • Graphic Sweaters 8 of 10
    Graphic Sweaters
    They might be cute now (because they're everywhere), but how many years will it take before they get unearthed from the bottom of your closet, mocked with Bill Cosby jokes? If you don't already have a quirky fashion sense, this might feel silly in a few years.
    Buy from H&M for $24.95
  • Jewel-Toned Eyeliner 9 of 10
    Jewel-Toned Eyeliner
    When it comes to bright blue eyeliner, there's a very fine line between "trendy" and "trashy."
    Buy from Sephora for $7
  • An Unflattering Color 10 of 10
    An Unflattering Color
    Deep, moody colors like burgundy and jade green are everywhere now that the colder months are rolling in — but just because they're popular, doesn't mean you have to buy them. If you think burgundy might make your skin look washed out, don't convince yourself into buying it based on "it" lists.
    Buy from Forever 21 for $29.80


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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