10 Gifts for When You're a Houseguest

We’ve all been in that situation when we are staying with friends or family and we cannot think of a way to thank them enough. There are a few standard things to do like buy flowers or leave a note, but wouldn’t it be nice to shake it up a bit? I’ve compiled 10 items I see as useful and stylish that your host is bound to love, whether you’d like to make a good first impression or say thanks to someone you’ve known forever. No doubt you will be asked to come again soon!

  • Chevron Beams Placemats 1 of 10
    Chevron Beams Placemats
    Chevron stripes are finally brought to the table! Placemats are an extra treat that aren't brought out for every meal, so this is a nice, thoughtful gift — and your host will think of you every time they bring them out! Check out the other patterns available for a fun mixed and matched set.
    Buy it here at Anthropologie for $16.00 each
  • Poulain Camera Wooden Tape Dispenser 2 of 10
    Poulain Camera Wooden Tape Dispenser
    I love this unique tape dispenser! Your host will be thrilled to finally say goodbye to that old plastic dispenser and be able to display something as trivial as tape in a fresh, new way. Definitely for the creative, clever type.
    Buy it here at Anthropologie for $24.00
  • Owl Bookends 3 of 10
    Owl Bookends
    A cute display to hold some good reads. As a bookie myself, it seems there can never be enough places to put my favorite novels. Give your host a gift that will never go out of style: reading!
    Buy it here at Z Gallerie for $29.95
  • Illustrated Bird Cage Platters 4 of 10
    Illustrated Bird Cage Platters
    Carefully painted bird cages on a variety of tray shapes and sizes. Fun for display and dinner parties!
    Buy it here at Pottery Barn for $12.99-$29.99
  • Watercolor Stationary Kit 5 of 10
    Watercolor Stationary Kit
    For those artsy types who love to create, this is the perfect gift. Help your host bring out their creative side! Who knows? Maybe you may be lucky enough to receive one of their artworks in the mail!
    Buy it here at Anthropologie for $19.95
  • Set of 3 Chemist Vases 6 of 10
    Set of 3 Chemist Vases
    A simple yet elegant display piece! Give your host something that you believe reflects their impeccable taste.
    Buy it here at Anthropologie for $38.00
  • Glass Canisters 7 of 10
    Glass Canisters
    A classic jar of all sizes to fit all sorts of things. Whether that be in the kitchen, the bedroom, or the bathroom! Give your host a creative way to re-organize and redecorate! Who doesn't love filling their home with cookie jars?
    Buy it here at Pottery Barn for $19.00-$44.00
  • Painted Teapot 8 of 10
    Painted Teapot
    I love the painterly feel of this hand-painted teapot. A pretty decoration that your host will treasure. Every cup of tea will only remind them of the wonderful friend who gave this to them!
    Buy it here at Anthropologie for $48.00
  • Modern Alarm Clock 9 of 10
    Modern Alarm Clock
    A cool, vintage alarm clock with some modern accents. Stylish friends always give the best gifts, don't you think? Give your host the gift of waking up to this beauty.
    Buy it here at Z Gallerie for $34.95
  • Mirrored Wall Art 10 of 10
    Mirrored Wall Art
    A fun, geometric pattern will add a great accent to any room. No doubt your host may have an eye for house decorating already, but add to their home with this simple, modern mirror art. A quick glance in this fun mirror and your host's day will be off to a great start!
    Buy it here at Z Gallerie for $39.95


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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