10 Hospital Bag Essentials

things to bring in your hospital bag
I’ve only experienced the birth hospital stay once but that’s all I needed to learn what the most useful items to pack are. Hint: it’s not your favorite show on DVD. Here are my top 10 essentials to make your stay more comfortable.

1. A nursing pillow, nursing tank and lanolin: nursing is hard enough as is, these three things will make it slightly smoother.
2. A robe: the hospital gowns get old and this provides easy coverage.
3. Flip flops: easy to slip on if you have swelling and needed for the shower.
4. Snacks: giving birth is a work out and once things have settled down a bit, you’ll be ravenous. Think power snacks like trail mix.
5. Lounge pants: as much as you want to be able to slip on your pre pregnancy jeans a couple hours after the birth, anything with an elastic waist and plenty of give room is much more realistic.
6. Toothbrush
7. Cleansing facial wipes: you don’t even have to waddle to the bathroom to feel refreshed.
8. Camera: whether on a smart phone with quick posting access or with a cord and a laptop, family and friends want to see photos pronto.
9. Going home outfit: pick something that’s easy to dress the baby in and don’t choose a gown so the car seat straps fit properly.
10. Car Seat: make sure to get the installed by a professional about a month before your due date just in case your babe shows up early.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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