10 Industrial Crank Tables

Suddenly they’re everywhere. Industrial Crank Tables. (And don’t blame me, I didn’t name them!) The next step in the industrial decor craze — more than a little steampunk, they’re also, dare I say it, a little, well, cute. Easy to mix with a variety of styles, striking just the right note between traditional, eclectic and modern. And while several of them may look almost exactly the same (seriously), there are several vendors and price points to choose from.

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    In price points from super cheap to not-quite-aspirational.

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  • Adjustable Iron Table 2 of 10

    Part of West Elm's fall collection, this one is technically a dining table. 

    From West Elm, $900.

  • Kendall Cafe Table 3 of 10

    Petite and spunky. Wait. Sorry. This is an iron base with a rustic finish and a powder coated top. Extra unusual - this offering is from Anthropologie and it's not the most expensive piece in the list. 

    From Anthropologie, $500. 

  • Toledo Table Stool 4 of 10

    A little multi-purpose crank action with this one. Is it a table? Is it a stool? 

    From Industry West, $155. 

  • Industrial Pub Table 5 of 10

    The description for this one states that "each piece is unique". It's just that they only photographed one that makes them all look a little similar?

    From Zin Home, $780. 

  • Loft Cast Iron Table 6 of 10

    The description says vintage, but as it seems to be mass produced, I'm betting they mean vintage-inspired. 

    From Amazon, $700. 

  • Hughes Accent Table 7 of 10

    This one is cheap and — at least online it kind of looks it. They claim the crank is functional, but it looks awfully suspicious. The top is kind of neat though. 

    From World Market, $160 (on sale). 

  • Crank Adjustable Table 8 of 10

    I know. It looks the same as the other one. But. But. THIS one has a wooden handle. 

    From Jayson Home & Garden, $1200. 

  • Adjustable Industrial Table 9 of 10

    This one offers "interest, originality and antique charm".  Much like the others, but with a reclaimed wood top and satin black lacquer finish on the iron base, so it could be a good fit for those who want a less rustic finish. 

    From Home Decorators, $600.

  • 1930s Caliper Table 10 of 10

    Don't let the name fool you, this is not a table from the 1930s. But you don't have to tell your guests that. 

    From Restoration Hardware, from $550. 

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