10 Last Minute Egg Dyeing Ideas!

We’re kind of down to the wire people. If you haven’t dyed all of those boiled eggs yet, don’t fret! Here are 10 great last minute egg dyeing ideas you can try. Check them out and get busy!

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    Click through and get your dye ready!
  • Kool-Aide 2 of 11
    I was unaware people stil bought kool-aide. But now I see why.
    See it here on Natural Kid Stream.
  • Marble 3 of 11
    I just love the marble effect. So many colors and so pretty.
    See it here on Kaboose.
  • Ombre 4 of 11
    Can there be anything an easier and prettier? I think not.
    See it here on Sugar and Charm.
  • Natural 5 of 11
    I've never tried dyeing eggs naturally, but I can't wait to! Aren't they pretty?
    See it here on Martha Stewart.
  • Lace 6 of 11
    Add some femininity to your eggs with a little bit of lace.
    See it here on Martha Stewart.
  • Silk 7 of 11
    Wrap your eggs up in nothing but the best. SIlk! I love the results.
    See it here on Country Living.
  • Cotton Pads 8 of 11
    Cotton Pads
    Cotton pads? Oh yes. I am DYEING to try this method!
    See it here on Sew and the City.
  • Paint 9 of 11
    Let your kids go crazy and paint the dye on! Super easy and a fun.
    See it here on Ardor.
  • Hot Glue 10 of 11
    Hot Glue
    This is genius. Take your glue gun and make a design, then plop it into the dye, take it out and take the glue off to reveal your fun design!
    See it here on Measured By The Heart.
  • Volcano 11 of 11
    Dye your eggs the way a volcano might! Ok, so not a real volcano but those cool ones you made in for the 4th grade science fair. Rad, right?
    See it here on Toddler Approved.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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